Spell Batching in Classic

Finally, I think the people at the helm of the development team are actually people who deeply love the game. It’s been so long.


Classic is in good hands gang. At first i will admit, I too was somewhat skeptical given the current state of the game in retail. But I tell you what, with every single update they’re providing us I am finding more and more faith. Thank you for the blue posts and keep up the great work!


This is actually kind of disappointing.

I like where your head/heart are at, but with broadband speeds what they are today, this is mostly going to be seen as buggy, rather than delivering that “true” vanilla experience. What you call “authentic” I actually call “fake”.

What you are trying to do is mimic what was a technological limitation for it’s time. In the era of WoW vanilla, 50% of America didn’t even have access to DSL (true story look it up not just some random number), they were still running on 56k dial up internet. Given that fact, most people probably would have never even noticed the delay you’re talking about as the delay was just the nature of the beast at that time.

You’ve come up with a solution that fakes that experience.

While this is definitely one of the arguments I’ve presented time and time again as to how the “vanilla experience” couldn’t REALLY be achieved. Mimicking poor connection speeds on purpose is not an endeavor the design team should be exploring.

To me the spell batching you are describing is simply a work around for the technological limitations of that time. It is actually one of the few things that would actually support the frequently quoted “You think you do, but you don’t.” Because we had so much fun at that time, we ignored the poor connection and frequent disconnects. 15 years later, people are less forgiving. This is going to be far more frustrating, than a “fun thing to see happening”.


pros and cons of this. i mean its cool, will feel authentic and all but incoming being backstabbed/ambushed in the face…

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You’re not wrong, but the spirit of his post isn’t entirely wrong either. . .

To be clear- wow classic won’t have 100% authentic recreation. They can aspire to it (noble!), but they won’t get there 100% no matter what they do. And some inauthentic things are made by conscious decision. There’s going to be limited loot trading, updated mail system, bfa client. These arent bad things necessarily, but they’re not authentic either.

For example, we wouldn’t want blizzard to crash their own servers every content patch for the sake of authenticity, right? Some things don’t need to be recreated. These are concious, subjective decisions to be made.

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Actually it looks like just you. Can’t make everyone happy I guess.


You do realize spell batching has nothing to do with perceived connection speeds, lag, disconnects, or poor connections, right?


Woo, thanks for the update. (Seriously means a lot to us, though also scary because good things like this never happen.)

Though if you haven’t please get around to our RP-PVP thread when you have some spare time if you haven’t any answers you can provide would be grand, though if you have none thanks anyway for just peaking into it!


Will all these news updates coming out, I smell a beta very soon.

thought the whole point of spell batch was to help people with poor connection. could be wrong though

Faith in the Classic Development team is increasing.

Thank you for the update. This is actually a topic that I was really curious how the Classic team would approach. I’ll trust that they’re balancing the system to really make it as Vanilla-like as possible.


You realize this has been status quo on private servers for years right??

Appreciate the frequency of communication these days. I don’t have strong feelings for this system either way. Hope it makes the game feel more authentic.

Who in the hell do you think was playing in 1080p in serious content with hardware we had back in 2004 are you crazy?

Well some good news! Still mad about AV but this is great news!

I know that you’re trying to put me in my place here, but the point is, is that connection speeds were so bad. Most people wouldn’t have never noticed. It will be far more noticeable now, and far more exploitable now than it was in vanilla. People would have never noticed because either you, or your opponent could have gotten off 2 spells before the client caught up. You could have been a few seconds into ALREADY being a wandering sheep before you could react.

From what I understand. Pirate servers couldn’t even get it right.

they have some form of spell batching ?

I didn’t they didn’t have it, just their calculations was wrong.

no I was just asking if they had it at all because I can’t remember if someone has said they did from other threads on the subject.