Spell Batching in Classic

It’s extremely important for PvP and was up until post-WotLK when they changed it. It isn’t as bad as you’re thinking. There is no delay on the client side, it’s just how the server treats the spells, making it possible for these “windows” of spells to occur at the same time. This is extremely important for PvP and how PvP mechanics worked for the first 6+ years of WoW’s life.


Lmao I would love to see something like this.

Question for really anyone - as someone who joined in BC and doesn’t know or remember what casting was like then compared to now, how will spell batching affect me as a healer? If my heals are lower priority, does it mean it’ll be harder and less responsive when trying to keep people alive, or will I not notice much of a difference 99% of the time?

It does have an effect on PvP, whether that effect is good or bad is up for debate.

Personally, I believe that if I hit you with Gouge first, you should be affected by it immediately - you shouldn’t have some extra handicap time to react with your own.

It’s definitely a different type of skill depending on which way you look at it, I just think taking advantage of a network problem isn’t the right kind of skill for this game.


Rejoice! :grinning:


Another good news post.

I think we are all waiting for an announcement on a release date and potential beta, however.

I am very glad you are doing things right… I just want to be able to take time off to play some at launch and it is harder to do with less of a heads up.


I’d have to agree. The other side of the coin with spell batching is spells not landing even though they should. For example you could cast lay on hands on the tank, get a cooldown on the spell but the tank still died.

Maybe they could enable modern response times in PVE content or something and keep the old stuff in PVP only?

well done sir, well done!


But authenticity isn’t.


This wasn’t something I cared about really at all. But Im not going to complain about accuracy.

Whats hilarious is NO private server has yet to properly implement spell batching ever. 4 different servers have tried it. But none of them have properly replicated Blizzards official system. Amazing.


While only high end pvp’ers will take advantage of spell batching, having authentic spell/ability effects is definitely a plus. Also, I wonder if decreasing the batch cycle will help improve server or client performance.

Keep it up, Blizzard. If AV becomes the only black mark on Classic, then I’ll consider it a net win in the end.


The thing to keep in mind is that Blizzard is trying to make Classic authentic, not change things that we don’t think made for the best game design.

Things like latency and resolution were all variable back then, and you could have 1080p running at low latency even in 2004.

but spell batching was set to the same rate for everybody and had an impact on gameplay. That means, in keeping with the stated goal of authenticity, it should be there.


hahaha. The warrior thing at the beginning of every freakin’ duel. /charge /sigh. Love it.


This is the one thing I resigned myself to thinking “There’s no way Blizzard will put this back in.” and I’m glad I was wrong.


@Fafoo where you at?


absolutely insane, so hyped that you guys are doing this right. this is amazing.


Alright, seems neat.

I see your point from a PvE standpoint. Please understand though, for the more invested parts of the PvP crowd this is a big issue that adds a lot of depth back to gameplay. It gives them more room to play around with things like timing CCs and interrupts and defensives. It probably seems like a bug to you if you weren’t big on PvP during vanilla, though, so I do understand the complaint.

I don’t think theres really a good middle ground on this one. All I can say is that from my experience it didn’t wind up being relevant in PvE nearly as often as it did in PvP.


Didn’t expect this one nicely done


Really glad to see how committed you guys are to getting this right.


Doesn’t sound like it will be as it was in 1.12, only as close as Blizzard can make it.

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Wonderful. Blizzard give these guys a raise please!