Spell Batching in Classic



Good stuff


The news just gets better and better <3


Great news! Authenticity above all. Keep doing the good work!


Amazing news

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Neat. Wasn’t really concerned about it, but neat.

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Excellent news! This may not be completely related, but will the Classic TAB targeting be the same as in Vanilla? I know this was changed multiple times in later expansions.


I appreciate the intent to be authentic, but system-changes such as this should not be reverted imo. It’s no different than capping our FPS at 30, our min ping at 250, or our resolution at 1280x720. All “spell batching” does is make for a clunky, laggy network experience - it was a wonderful change when it was fixed.

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This team is continuing to show how dedicated they are to this. You all are amazing. Thank you so damn much.


This is so incredible! Thank you so much for listening! Spell batching is so essential for PvP mechanics. Thank you thank you thank you!



I, for one, very much appreciate this. Regardless of whether you preferred the strategic element of the old spell batching, or the reliance on low latency and twitch-reactions of modern WoW, we can all agree that this is authentic and will contribute to making Classic a true showcase of what used to make WoW great.

I’ll be seeing you all on the battlegrounds, come summer!


Authenticity indeed! Nice!


*luck based

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The thing is that spell batching can have an impact on gameplay, especially in PvP.

Running the game at 720p vs 1080p doesn’t, and all those things weren’t very specific numbers set on the server. They were all variable even in Vanilla.

Even in 2004 if I had 250ms ping I’d consider that lagging a little.


This made me laugh. I can’t wait


I am an unreasonable vanilla neckbeard and I approve this message.

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This is absolutely terrible and not something I actually expected Blizzard to do. Going back to this kind of terrible systems delay when people are no longer playing with crap computers on crap internet is going to feel terrible for the vast majority of players.


Every single one of these blue posts makes me more and more excited for Classic.

The Classic Dev team is on point. Give those folks a raise.


I get happier every time I read a blue post with “because that’s how it was in Vanilla”.

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I just did the snoopy dance IRL after seeing this. Thanks for the news Kaivax!

@The Classic WoW team: Great job so far, keep it up.

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Very encouraging, thank you!