Soulbinds now class wide, not per spec

It’s looking more and more like I’ll be playing old content.

And I’m the type of player that chooses the tank-iest spec to level, then chooses a fun spec when geared enough.

So, Me Blizz, Me Overwork a system, Me think is fun.

Does that sound right how Blizz works now with Ion at the helm ;D

Ok now it makes sense to have 10 charges, nice.

Good people shouldnt be allowed to change every hour for every single boss.

Was that now how it always worked?

While I would have preferred conduit energy + spec loadouts, I think conduit energy + class loadouts is still an improvement over spec loadouts + weekly swap, so we’re still ahead.

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That only works if you have 2 viable DPS soulbinds. Not when 1 of your soulbinds is massively ahead of the other DPS wise and thus you use it to slot your best spec specific potency conduits.

It was changed in the latest build :

And can confirm, configuring Nadjia for Unholy, switching to Frost, I’m stuck with the Dark Transformation Conduit slotted and my conduit change on 6 days cooldown.

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Again though, how is that worse than when we could only swap conduits 1/week?

For one, on the current build, you can still only swap once per week.

And for two, now it’s not configurable per spec.

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I thought you could swap at will as long as you had enough energy stockpiled in the new system, not 1/week. Bug?

quadrupling down on a bad idea lmao

Since Blizzard is taking extra time to balance the Covenants, this should be no problem, right?

Pft. hahahahahahaha! Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face.


No, that didn’t make this week’s build. This week we got a potency slot changed to endurance/finesse and we got the toon wide conduit slots rather than spec based conduit slots.

Im sure by the last tier they will be able yo balance them(ignore all the OP Azerite traits and legos from Legion), im sure third time is the charm!

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I think they’re just as off-spec-friendly as they were before the change. Which is to say they’re completely unfriendly to off-specs.

Okay fine, that’s what’s in this build, but we know where they’re going with the system (stockpiling energy for swaps per the blue post) so my comment was aimed at that endpoint rather than the interim steps on the way.

How is 1 conduit swap per day helpful, when now I need to swap my single Potency conduit on Nadjia each time I change from Frost to Unholy ?

Should I just make 2 Death Knights ? Heck, should I make 12 Death Knights, one for each Soulbind ? Or maybe I need 36 Death Knights, to have each combination ?

Or maybe Blizzard needs to wake up, stop the nonsense, and just let us swap conduits at will if they’re going to keep this system in the game.


The stated goal is that you will be able to stockpile energy (including on days you don’t play the game, days you don’t swap specs, days you play alts etc) to allow your main to swap multiple times in a day on the days where you do need to do that. That may not be what’s on the beta right now, but that’s the stated goal.

So Im running a casual, non competitive Rdruid to mainly solo with.
In your estimation if I am driving to be a half decent Rdruid what will the difference be if I spec to Feral for running a dungeon or two here and there?
I mean, am I losing 5% DPS compared to someone who set out to make a decent Feral…more?

Super useful when I play my main everyday.

Yeah and it’s awful. I’d prefer the weekly cooldown at that point. At least I have an excuse to run around with wrong spec conduits.

I don’t know what you think this is solving or making better. This is downright anti off spec and anti player.

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You can still play your main every day. Just don’t treat your conduits like a revolving door, and make choices that matter.

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