Shadowlands Conduits Update

I feel the lock out system is very punishing for those that play alts or other specs. Plus, if the objective is to stop min max all it is doing is requiring min max because of the lack of flexibility to switch.


It’s kinda funny how their answer to "what if covenants are unbalanced and I do multiple content(raiding, m+, PvP) was conduits and that if your pick a ST covenant then you can pick AoE conduits but then they add a 1 week cooldown so you cant switch from your raiding ST conduits to the AoE conduits to do m+ after raid.


One of the youtube comments said this “It feels like I have to google what is best for my class because these systems are all confusing”

Yeppers min max is going to be more important because of the lack of flexibility not less.

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That, and people are going to be hesitant in locking in their soulbind trees because of the lockout. People will be looking to guides and youtube for BiS before locking anything in.

Lockouts create anxiety for ppl who want to perform well and do their best and be competative.

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I am not a min max player and I have never been. I had herbalism in WotLk because I wanted a heal lol.

But the bottom line is that if choice is restricted then people like me that like to try different non optimal builds will not bother.

Which means I will become a min max player.

Spooky but true! :ghost:


In this week’s Shadowlands Beta build, Soulbinds have had their tree layouts changed in a small, but important, way. All Soulbinds now have access to 2 Potency Conduit sockets, whereas previously all trees had 3 Potency sockets. The goal of this change is to increase the flexibility of Soulbinds, and make it more viable to use one Soulbind for multiple specializations.

Due to Potency Conduits’ effects being mostly spec-specific, they are the Conduits most likely to make a Soulbind layout feel locked-in to one specialization. While we expect this to be a natural way for many players to engage with Soulbinds –- picking one Soulbind per spec, and building them out accordingly –- we want to make sure there is room to discover other setups that work for you, based on the content you prefer to participate in.

The removed Potency sockets have been replaced with either an Endurance or Finesse sockets which, by virtue of primarily being class-wide effects, are easier to justify using across multiple specializations.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you choose to build out your Soulbinds, and your continuing feedback on this system!


One step forward, two steps back


Then are we going to see more useful Endurance and Finesse conduits? The vast majority of them do nothing, yea I totally want to waste my rage on Ignore Pain as Arms/Fury…


Thanks for the update. We will give it a try and report back.

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That’s actually so backwards and illogical it blows my mind. Instead of allowing people to freely swap like everyone has been asking, or making conduits/soulbinds spec-specific, you make this horrible “solution”? So now you wasted time adding in TWO new awful bandaid systems. First, by making a convoluted ‘respec’ currency, and now removing spec-specific conduit slots??? So classes that have a healer, tank and dps spec end up having to use awful finesse and or endurance conduits because you’re too lazy and incompetent to make a logical system? Not to mention how most classes already have horrible, boring conduits. Now they have even less choice. Just focus on class balance and things that matter, not solving problems you keep creating. Holy…


Who wanted this?


Or you could just not lock us into conduits which causes the problem of Soulbinds having to be spec specific when Potency is the most valuable and there are only 3 Potency slots.

Fix the disease not the symptom Blizzard.


I am not surprised that pruning happened.

I think this is needed streamlining but it does raise more questions.


I’m starting to wonder if balancing is done by throwing darts at a board filled with post-it notes.

I have to say, you guys are aware that by nerfing everything into oblivion and removing the choices presented to players, that things become so meaningless that the systems might aswell not exist, right? Right?


I know this was a tough decision but pruning down all these layers of systems was a logical conclusion many of us determined a while ago.

Although I do question how this will work we have to try it out.


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…this is the worst Soulbind change you guys have made.

It doesn’t matter if they “feel” spec specific. They are.

Using my Survival Soulbind for Marksman simply isn’t a viable option.

Reducing the potency slots to 2 will not change that. They could have a single one and it still would not be viable, because I’d be missing the potency skill of the other spec.

What is with you guys dying on hills then changing your mind in the X.3 patch when people have quit the game over things people have told you over and over are bad ideas?


[Everyone disliked that].

Honestly, just remove them both. Remove soulbinds and conduits. They both do nothing. They are an elaborate UI attached to what amounts to less meaningful class differences than we got via Draenor perks and glyphs in the past.

It’s a pointless system, the team clearly couldn’t figure out how to balance them because the solution has been just to nerf them into irrelevance. I will enjoy Shadowlands via ignoring Soulbinds and Conduits, not because of them – I guess that’s an improvement over enjoying Shadowlands despite those systems, but why bother making a system if, as a player, I have 0 interest in even engaging with the system anymore?

“Oh wow look, 150 DPS, wow that’s so interesting oh boy that’s so neat.”

The whole point of getting rid of the classic talent trees was because “picking 3% crit isn’t interesting.” Go look at soulbinds and tell me that’s not what that is.

Seriously, no joke, no meme, just remove them. Almost no one will miss them, the game will be healthier for it. Less is more in this case. The illusion of choice is so much worse than simply not having the choice at all.

I also just want to point out the hilarity of the logic here:
“We’re removing your access to spec specific power so that your choice of passive stat gains is more interesting.”

That’s it. That’s what this change is. That’s the one sentence summary. You’ve decided that rather than increase my keg smash damage by 8% on burning targets, I’m supposed to be more excited about gaining 20% crit for 10s every 50s or whatever (which is a nearly dead stat for me).


Why can’t you just make the conduits in the tree change when you change specs? That’s the simplest and best solution for everybody. Your barrowed power systems have always make multi spec play extremely difficult for no reason. Azerite traits could have worked the same way. I should be able to set up x barrowed power for WW, and then set it up completely differently for MW.


I’m at a loss for words… You guys blow my mind. The stubbornness is ridiculous and you’re essentially making things worse for everyone lol. Please just revert this change and make the conduits restriction free…

Like why does this have to be so complicated? Why are you so hung up on this stupid idea?
You think you’re hurting the 1%, but you’re hurting EVERYONE.


That is true but I think they are trying to preserve the RPG flavor. At the same time I think this shows how borrowed power introduces more balancing issues than having another talent tier per expansion.