Soul ash missing

Hello, not sure what happened, I think I forgot to loot the boss at the upper reaches level 3 because I have done everything and only have 505 Soul ash. The soul ash is not in my mail box and I’m not sure what to do. Please help.

I just completed my run but forgot to loot my Soul Ash, can I please have it restored?

  • The Soul Ash I earned was not sent to me.


Soul Ash has to be looted manually at the end of the run.
It is not sent by the Postmaster and can not be recovered by Customer Support.



So I’m just SOL basically?

Yes, you are simply outta luck. Next time, remember to loot. Also, edit out the inappropriate abbreviation as even masked profanity is against the forum code of conduct.

Though you might be out of luck, it should be noted that the wowhead article and the blue it quotes appear to be out of date. This is from the hotfixes on the 27th:
Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Any Soul Ash that was not looted from defeated enemies will now be sent directly to your character’s currency collection the next time you log back into the game.

Thread here: Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

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Correct, while the information was accurate when it was posted the hotfix you mention should allow Soul Ash to be mailed. We’ve seen some reports that the mail isn’t appearing until after you relog - so if you don’t see it when returning to your covenant (or wherever you are calling home!) try relogging.


Hey Kal,
I’ve done all my Torghast runs before the hotfix. I’ve also redone them after the hotfix. Still sitting at 725 (seems to be missing 85 from the third layer?)

I posted a ticket, but the wait time is 11 days… Should I take a picture of the issue?

You wouldn’t receive them for any done before the fix, if that’s what you mean. If you did not loot them during the run before the fix then you would lose those.


Thanks for the answer. Still rough to hear that I’ll permanently be behind because I assumed it’d be mailed to me :confused:

So this is after the hot fix? Meaning I won’t get my soul ash this time but next time if this happens again then I receive it? Because I still don’t see it.

Yes, if you left soul ash before the hotfix you will not receive it. If you left it after the hotfix, you will receive it.

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Well I have just had this issue as of about 1 hour ago, and I’m still missing my soul ash, even after relog, after checking the mail. Nada.

According to the patch notes, it’s sent directly to your currency collection, not the mail. Also, as I understand it, it’s only soul ash AFTER the hotfix on the 27th that gets sent to you. Any before that is lost.

Well it definitely isnt working then. This happened to me today, 01/12/2020, and im looking at my shadowlands currency tab and I have 610 soul ash…

I found a support article from the same date as the hotfix.

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Thanks for the help Oriana, appreciate the links here. I am extremely annoyed by that though, the inability of GM’s to address the devs screwup in week 1 when everyone is trying to get all their checklists done to cap their power and they just let people fall behind.

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I agree. How come it doesn’t get sent to your mail box or already sent to your currency? When we already have have mechanics like that? Not trying to bash or have a bad attitude, it’s just frustrating that I’m permanently behind now.

I would really like to know if I abandon the soul ash quest “In to the Tower”, will it delete all of my Soul Ash or not. My theory is because of the disconnect I experienced after looting the last boss in layer 3 and trying to leave the instance, it went in to my currency storage in the character panel but didn’t register for the quest when I logged in. I’m hoping that if I abandon it and pick it up it will rightfully say “810/1250” instead of “725/1250” when I actually have 810 in my currency tab.

What if we did loot it, but it’s still missing?
My quest says I’ve looted 710/1250, however my currency tab only shows 405.

My friend in the same situation had Bliz CS restore his, however they just ignored anything I wrote in my ticket and provided the same copy+paste response before closing it

Yesterday, 12/20, I soloed Torghast, looted the last Boss, and did not receive soul ashes. I logged out, shut down computer, came back today and still no ashes. checked mail, soloed Torghast again today, looted, no ashes. logged out, still nothing.

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