Sorry, somebody has to say it, the Chronoboon Displacer is a big fail

So basically if you actually want to utilize this well, you need like 3-4 chronoboon displacers and several hours of planned logout times to wait out the CD.

  1. Get songflower.
  2. Store it and head to DM and get all DM buffs
  3. Hearth to city and pop the displacer
  4. Log out for an hour to wait out the global displacer CD.
  5. Log back in and store DM buffs + songflower in a new displacer
  6. Get the head/heart buff (hopefully close together).
  7. Pop the DM buffs + songflower displacer
  8. Log out for an hour to wait out the global displacer CD.
  9. Log in, and store dm buffs + songflower + head/heart in a new displacer.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 if your heart or head buff did not come at around the same time as the other, adding an another 4 steps to this process.

Oh, and let’s not forget Zanza pots don’t count and are not stored in the displacer, so you’re still going to have to log to save the duration on the first one you pop in order to keep the 2nd in your bags.

So, yeah, great, they gave us something to make things “easier” but in actuality to make the best use of it, it’s actually way more complex and annoying and doesn’t actually change the root issue that they cited of not having to be logged out to save buffs.

I’m gonna have to call this a fail.


Your first fail was getting Songflower first…


Get all the buffs you want then use it. You don’t need get one buff, store one buff at a time, just to what… save a few extra minutes or seconds of buffs?

Based on how you use the Chronoboon Displacer, you are the one failing to use it well. It’s like saying a hammer isn’t good at holding water.


Obviously not pre-displacer you fool…

A lot going on here.

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Must. Parse. 15. Year. Old. Content.



What you should have said is that this should not have been added, period.


They say they added this because they didn’t like optimal play being logging out. Now, optimal play is buying a bunch of these and logging in and out and using them over and over again to maximize buff duration.

Blizzard refuses to just dive in and make proper changes. This attempt at pleasing everyone and trying to break bad metas, while preserving authenticity to some degree, is just flat out terrible. Make a real change Blizzard, stop trying to appease the small number of “No-Changers” that are left playing this game.

Stop being “careful.”


They specifically intended to make it so you can’t store multiple buffs at a time and you’re complaining that the currently unintended behavior it is exhibiting is harder to exploit than you want?

Go away. They should remove the item entirely and just make world buffs fall off when you enter a raid instance.


You…don’t understand the point at all. So you need help or do you want another shot at it?

Everything about my complaint is related to its intended behavior, it has nothing to do with trying to exploit stacking a 2nd round of buffs on top of a full displacer.



What did you do BEFORE!!?

You ran around. . Grabbed your buffs and logged.

Get your buffs. Use the Chronoboon. Play the game doing other things. Period. Not rocket science.


Getting all those buff must be exhausting.



I’m starting to wonder if it is with how everyone can’t seem to grasp the issue here.

Demlicus was kind enough to link the relevant text, and I’ll repost it…

We know this is a change, and any change to Classic is something we want to be careful with, but in this case, the fact that playing optimally literally requires you to stop playing was just too much for us to sit idly by.

If they are addressing the scene of optimal play, then you need to consider what optimal play becomes whenever you do or change anything.

Optimal play is now doing what I outlined above, and that’s way worse than optimal play prior to the patch.

Don’t look at this through the lens of non-optimal play. Blizzard didn’t.


You are seriously reaching. Sory man. Just not buying it.


So then you’re doing something even worse, which is trying to munchkin the buffs in the dumbest way possible for a couple more minutes of buffs to fight and defeat easy content.


How is it reaching? Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can make the rational conclusions about how to optimize this new item. This isn’t hard. Go be out-of-touch somewhere else.


If you think for a second that the addition of the Chronoboon was an attempt to appease us NoChanges, then you are really out of touch. This thing should have never been introduced. If people choose to raid log to preserve buffs, that is entirely on them and shouldn’t be addressed at all by Blizzard.


I think the problem is genuinely whether you are attempting to hold onto every single minute of the buffs you can rather than whether the displacer works. When I get buffs, my order is Tribute > Log > Heart > Log > SF / Dragon + Rend depending on timing of Heart > Log. I expect to have roughly 1h40m on my Tribute buffs and roughly 55m on Rend / SF depending on which order I get those in.

Waiting to pop the buffs until we get to content that is more difficult to clear means having 55 minutes to clear the content with buffs which is plenty of time for that content. I guess I am unclear why I would need multiple Displacers to accomplish this.

The only difference between now and prior to Displacer is that now I have the opportunity to pick and choose when I am using those buffs. The gathering part is unlikely to change much for me.


It’s only a “fail” because you’re trying to min/max it to a ridiculous extent… and then you’re complaining about effort YOU put on yourself.

You dont have to repop after every buff. You could easily just pop it one time after you have all your buffs and you’re still saving several minutes off each vs the old method.

If you want to be sweaty and have full duration on every buff with zero change to get dispelled then yea… you’re gonna have to buy a few and wait out the buff. But that’s something you’re choosing to do to even further increase the benefit of the displacer. Absolutely no one is forcing you to and it’s arguably not even the original intent in the first place.


It does not effect you if you clear all of the content your guild does in a week in less than 2 hours, true, and good for you man.