Something is wrong with warriors

They have a bugged crit chance, i am sure of it now. It cannot just be chance anymore. Every single BG i enter, warriors crit me like 80% of the time. Yes, I am rogue, yes I know what overpower is, and NO it is not overpower crits I have problem with… its literally every other ability they have has 80% crit chance. Its not even funny anymore, I think there is a bug in the code. Ever since phase 2 ended warriors turned into crit machines doing 2x their DPS in BGs. Something def is wrong with the code. Even with evasion, they will hit like 70% of their attacks through evasion WITH crit (NOT OVERPOWER not talking about that).

Anyone else see this? only me?

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From the warrior’s perspective, there is nothing wrong.

I get it though. PvP can be very frustrating.


No i have vanilla PvP’d since Nost and they were never like this warriors were free ez meal even into naxx

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Rogues had an easy time against Warriors?

I thought it was the other way around.

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It might just be a case of the old-fashioned conformation-bias. We tend to remember the times we get absolutely murdered by an auto crit+MS crit.

But we dont remember the times where we dodged and then parried and now the warrior is sitting there with no rage and dies.


no way my white dmg also is so inconsistent warriors legit crit me every fight 80% of the time

Edit: Dot gives a decent explanation of the attack table (maybe? can anyone confirm), could be the reason.

Conjecture: Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think??? This is how this works.

So when a hit is being decided, the dice are rolled and the outcome is determined to be dodge/miss/parry/block/crit/hit based on the result.

What happens if you have a lot of parry/dodge, is that you end up pushing normal hits off the roll table first so the only thing left could end up being crits. I dont remember the exact priority, but I know avoidance is highest and normal hits are lowest. So every point of avoidance increases the odds that hits that do land end up being crits.

Say a warrior has 35% crit, and you have like 75% dodge 10% parry. You’ve got 85% chance to just not be hit leaving him only 15% chance to land a hit. But every one of those hits that lands will now be a crit because you’ve pushed his normal hits entirely off the roll table with so much avoidance.


im not 100% sure either, but I don’t think crits can be dodged. So the attacks that actually do land have a higher percentage to be crits than regular attacks since those are dodged at whatever % the rogues dodge is.


What Dots said is the most likely reason why warriors currently crit AGI classes all the time.


If a rogue tries to fight a warrior face to face, then yeah, but if rogue does that he should play a warrior instead anyway

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Show us your Recount logs, show some evidence other then anecdotal chatter.

is that really how it works thats just dumb

I’m like 99% sure, yes.

Take a more normal example, where a target has 10% dodge 10% parry no block and the attacker has 20% crit and all the hit needed to remove misses.

The table now looks like 10% dodge, 10% parry, 20% crit, 60% regular hit.

Dice rolls 1-100, results 1-10 = dodge. 11-20 = parry. 21-40 = crit, 41-100 = hit. Number illustration, not necessarily accurate as to what is literally happening but it gets the point across.

Now pop evasion for 50% more dodge. Table now is 60% dodge, 10% parry, 20% crit, 10% hit.

Dice roll 1-60 = dodge, 61-70 = parry, 71-90 = crit, 91-100 = hit.
So hes only got a 30% chance to hit you now, but 2/3 of the hits that do land will be crits.


Warriors often two-shot me in bear form, so I feel your pain.

That said, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are obsessed with BiS gear and making sure they have it. In Vanilla, that wasn’t so much of a thing. The theory crafting (done mainly on illegal private servers) between Vanilla and the release of classic may be responsible for this rather than there being some bug in the works.

I’ve also seen a lot of people use raid items (potions, flasks, and elixirs, mainly) in BGs that I never saw in Vanilla.

That is, I think people’s play style has evolved since Vanilla. Of course, I could be wrong and the game is broken…

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Honestly OP might have been a lunatic back in the day. But if you pvp a lot and played vanilla or the 1.12 client, you just can not trust this version.

Today i got inti shout by a warrior (I was the target). And inti shout should break on dmg. But this dude hit me twice (while having deepwounds on me) and it just didnt break. Ate 800 MS and 2k execute while not being able to move (and yes i know the targets that run away arent breaking on dmg; but the focused one that stands in place (ME) should be able to move after taking dmg))

In the past i got mad or angry about this, but nowadays i just accept it.


It is how it works. I dont know when they changed the table, but in classic that is exactly what is going on. The more you dodge and parry, the less normal hits you will see and the more crits you will be hit with.

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dont forget u can dodge and parry FROM BEHIND also mounted

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ye its just a bad port of a good game. I knew they would screw it up after seeing the demo, and while it works alright for the most part, there is these little nods that tell you that it just is another useless pserver.

I hate 1.13. I hate what they did with their changes and I hate what they did with their game.

I wish there was another pserver alternative, because kr0n0s as well as Nost both did a more accurate job than this PoS.

And btw, it did not cost me a dime either.

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They can’t be, sort of. The way the Melee table works is its all just a single roll and then hits a chart to determine outcome. Good news is, if you have 20% dodge, you’re going to dodge 20% of the time. Bad news is, you’re pushing off normal hits first, so anything that does actually land is more likely to be a crit.

Technically you can dodge crits I guess. If you have enough avoidance that you push off ALL normal hits, it starts pushing off crits too. So with evasion popped, most rogues probably are dodging or parrying an attack that would have been a crit here or there otherwise.