Something i have noticed about Void Elves

giggles then busts out laughing

Even that wouldn’t make them happy, then they’d push for every elf to be named something like Leleior’lo’othleien, and have Silvermoon changed to Rivendell.

And we’d be forced to make weekly poetry or lose levels.


This was absolutely not the tone of your thread:

You blatantly called out the people who are against it to come defend themselves, so no this was not a “let’s have a discussion about adding new classes” thread, it was a “hey people who disagree with me, why?”

Dont get mad when you get exactly what you asked for in the op.


I swear they made this EXACT post like… A week and a half ago.

“But whhhhhhy?”

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am i not allowed to change where i want my topic to go? didn’t know you ruled the forums…

Actually you are more right than you know… they are getting that, and they are still not happy (though most people are very happy on Liinxy’s post, there are still a few outliers, usually making their own threads about it.) Liinxy recently posted a bunch of images of the Blood AND Void elf customizations coming in Shadowlands, which give both races the ability to be high elves. But no, people want an actual brand new race with brand new unique racials instead of literally two options for playing a ‘high elf’ in whichever faction you prefer. It’s to me the best of both worlds, but… no they want high elves as a new race and Alliance only.


Don’t Death Knights already exist?


Because, to the OP their fun supercedes anyone else’s fun. Cant say I blame them, I can be the same way. Especially about lore and classes. But I’m willing to admit that.

I don’t rule the forums, but you set the tone of the thread. You set the title and the topic in the op. Now your getting salty when someone comes in and does exactly what you asked, to the point where now you want to change topics rather than stick to your original guns.

Change your op if you want to change topics. Just dont be mad when people continued the conversation you started.


if you think about it

they can’t be warriors cause why would a warrior have been dabbling in void magic

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What do Death Knights have to do with Paladins? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By “void themed paladin (instead of light)” I mean the Paladin class, as we know it and play it right now, with a coat of void paint, inflicting shadow damage instead of holy, and lore stating that these Paladins draw their power from the Void rather than the Light, but are otherwise mechanically the same.

It’s not something I ever expect Blizzard to do, but the concept isn’t far fetched. Shadow healing spells exist both for players and NPCs so there’s no conflict with a healing spec or healing abilities. A shadow infused shield thrown at an enemy should hit just as hard as one infused with holy energy.

If calling them Paladins is the issue, then simply call them something else like Riftblade or what not. But mechanically they would be Paladins “under the hood”.


Posting in ANOTHER disguised void Elf Paladin thread.


This is fine. Even if they don’t flavor the colors of the skills out the door but establish lore about Void Elf knights utilising the Void as a sort of magic-wielding swordsman (Riftblades) then I’d not be against it.

Especially since they can add glyphs to let players choose a Void flavor for their skills (Priests already have one for Penance).

We’ve seen that Priests can be Shadow or Void, and what is a Paladin but a Priest in armor?


brace yourself for “that’s not how the lore is”
plus the explanation…

Nah lore doesn’t matter screw lore and just give void elfs tails.

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cool, slap a bow in that bad boy! make myself look pretty

They are sayig no for two reasons

  1. Paladins are light. You would need to completely change paladin lore to fit void elves

  2. The people requesting it want to have everythig blood elves do. Not just the look, but their ironic paladin class. Its basically trying to clone a horde race while the HOrde gets nothing in return.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind if Alliance got an High elf Allied race, but this is a nice compromise which is apparently the problem. It’s a compromise and there are people on both sides of the fence who hate it. Those who want High elves just want High elves period and those who don’t want them, don’t want Void elves to get the options at all because apparently High elf fantasy is “Horde fantasy” and if one side has something the other can’t be allowed to touch it.

EDIT: I just hate it.

Everything…seriously…like…everything. Death knights and paladins are the opposing classes.

So…make an exception for a single race, because its not good enough to have the looks they also need to have ALL the classes including the class that TBC literally used as justification of the blood elves.

So in essence, making TBC completely defunct in all that it offered outside of giving the alliance Shamans.
Giving Horde blood elves means nothing now because void elves get the look and then some.
Giving the blood elves paladins, which justified them joining the horde, means nothing cause hey, you can get that through void elves.

WoW is just going to be generic MMO at this point.


(Statement): Firstly, there has always been, and will always been a group of people on the forums dedicated to saying, “No.” We had it with the request for Classic WoW, we had it for the return of Flight (and still do), we have it for High Elves, etc… So, that group exists and dedicates themselves to saying No.

(Speculative): After that you’ll have the crowd of folks who were specifically against High Elves who, now that Void Elves are getting High Elf customization, want to completely shut down the race. It comes off as a petty form of trying to get the last word in an argument.

(Commentary): Once you sift out these two groups you’re left with a group of players who legitimately feel that new options just don’t make sense from a lore standpoint.

(Speculative): When it comes to Void Elves ans new classes, there isn’t too much that sticks out lorewise. Paladins are obvious, but if High Elves are among them, it’s less problematic. I’ve seen some people suggest they could never been Demon Hunters because the Void likes to explode with the Light and Fel, but I think Demon Hunter can work for them, as per my own interpretation of the lore; I think the void would quell the demon soul(s) within them. Druid could work, but you’d essentially have Druids of the Nightmare which, while cool, might be objected to by the Cenarion Circle. As for Shamans, I don’t think there is any basis for void-wielding shamans outside of the Twilight Cult, and those are more just individuals who were already shamans to begin with. There isn’t a case of void-corrupted shamanism to draw from for inspiration. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t work.

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That is a rather major conspiracy theory. Do you have anything to back it up?

Or maybe people are pro-uniqueness and the constant demands for void elves to be increasingly blood elf is entitlement and petty?

Would that not be applicable to both of those groups you just tried to label in a negative way?

They’re still void elves, hence the name. You can’t devoid it.

Which is what interpretation? We’ve not seen anything to suggest void can interact safely wih fel or light. They explode or cancel out.

They would need access to the emerald dream, and said access was gained through n’zoths manipulation. It is doubtful they could do such a thing by themselves without enlisting aid from a Dark Naaru, and that would most assuredly get them kicked out of the alliance.