Someone please look at my silencing appeal

At this rate, I’ll be out of flags before sunrise.


Considering that it’s real people reporting your posts, the only automation is your posts being hidden. It doesn’t prove that a forum silence is automated. Go ahead and make your silences public. You will have more people laughing at you than believing you.

It doesn’t prove anything except in your own mind. Although anyone who reads your posts is made aware of your lack of intelligence. Telling someone to read a book doesn’t make you look smart. It just shows you have nothing to offer.


Just take a step back folks and ignore him. He will be dealt with I’m sure once the SFA’s get in


If youve been given an actual silence, a GM looked into the reports and applied the sanction, and it would be for more than the 2 lines you quoted. The email just takes a snapshot of a section of chat you were reported for, mostly to give you a memory prompt of what you may have been doing or saying at that time.

Unfortunately only way to get it looked at is via appeal.


You will have to do an appeal. The problem is tickets are so backed up because of a really terrible AV ban wave, the zombie event, and everyone just mass reporting people because you can just get people logged off automatically and get people silenced that it is probable your silence will just be lifted before the ticket even gets answered.

Sadly now just putting text into the game can get you punished. If you are innocent it can be over turned but its all on the time of the ticket answering folks. In the current environment, sadly, its probably just best not to post in public channels because ANYTHING can get reported and the robot will take action.

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Lucky you. I got suspended for banter/a mom joke in AV chat.

That isn’t how it works. Mass reporting does not get you kicked off nor automatically silenced. Reports for language can only lead to a squelch which a GM would need to look at to see if a silence is appropriate or if the squelch should be removed.

I’d recommend against spreading misinformation here in the CS forums.

If you got suspended for it, then it wasn’t a good joke.


Just because you claim there is a robot doesn’t mean there is a robot. Account action is applied by actual people. You claiming otherwise doesn’t make what you say true.


And they do, with every report. Thankfully, it’s extremely rare as those in-game reports have to come from unique accounts.

If they’re being kicked off to be squelched (not silenced, those are two different things), then it’s something I’ve not heard of. A squelch simply prevents the player from being able to chat.

And no, I won’t give some youtuber an additional view. I’ll base my replies off of information provided by Blizz directly. Not some video made for someone to try and profit from it which can also be edited or recorded on illegal servers too.


If avoiding evidence is a corner stone to making claims then I understand why its very possible to not understand what is actually going on. So no problem. I respect the fact that you can’t really know because you aren’t actually looking into the subject matter.

So that’s cool. I understand why now. Also claiming that this is some sort of scam is fairly laughable. I understand not wanting to watch the video but to discredit it without any evidence is very… low. Is all I will say.

So your argument is that listening to the company who made the game is “avoiding evidence”?

Think I’m done here. Best of luck to you.


That sort of activity is what got another youtuber sanctioned. They will get sanctioned for abusing the report system. Very nice of them to give evidence that they did it intentionally.

I’m also not going to give someone youtube views for breaking the rules.

It isn’t evidence. Correlation does not imply causation.


I will say this. If Blizzard tells me that video is a scam I will agree with it? Fair enough of a deal?

Because right now I am just hearing someone avoiding the evidence. Which again, is ok, it is well within your rights. But right now we are basically both not working for Blizzard.

So I ask. Blizzard, is Staysafe scamming us all with this video? Is what it happened on a private realm, edited, and just a show for views? Or is it real. This person is telling me it is faked.

I respect it anyway. Like I said I think times do exist when this needs to happen. But I am not going to sit around and pretend like this is a lie unless the company, like you said, tells me so.

Correlations that line up are awfully interesting.

Then again, I agree that somethings need to be automated. 100%. I can think of like 10-15 things off the top of my head I would be upset by if someone was yelling them for hours on end in trade chat for example.

So it is ok that this system is used. I understand why completely. BUT…

People that abuse it should be looked into. That is my only point in all of this. 100%. Not to win some forum competition or plant the flag on someone. Absolutely not. Just that you have a system like this and the people pointing the finger wrongly over and over again need to be held more accountable in my opinion.

We understand the current response times are far longer than any of us would like. I’m afraid not liking the wait time doesn’t make it go away, nor does sit mean that other options are available. This forum is not an alternative means of appeal, those of us who post here simply cannot review your case or otherwise directly assist you, sorry.

Our staff is working through the queue as quickly as they can and will get to your review as soon as possible.