Everyone is getting suspended and silenced for everything

i wish that was what happened to me. but sadly no it went right to suspension until 2 days after WoTLK release.

You can’t be automatically suspended on the forums. I’m fairly certain that once your post is hidden by reports, it can no longer be reported. You have no idea how many times people have mass reported me in a futile attempt to prove me wrong.

It’s never worked, because the forums don’t have automatic suspensions and the game doesn’t have automatic suspensions from player reports.

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We agree to disagree, as there are different types of reports people can abuse on the forums that dont just hide a post but suspend people for a volume of reporting. Please continue to defend Blizzard on this, I’m sure it is worth your effort.

They really made reporting for most things too easy. It started with report for spam, and outside of that you had to open a ticket. Now it’s just report the same way people flag on these forums or give a downvote on Reddit. Horribly, horribly abused. Broken system

Agreed, and that is the gist here. We are in a culture now that cancels everything that is a disagreement. Blizzard has chosen to make these automated systems to police without the staff to look at anything. They are fine to let mob rule and abuse continue. I’d be happier if the automated systems were removed and it be the wild west, because at least with that there isnt account actions in a negative way.

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The MVPs and even blues do it a lot too. So I had a thread asking about the return time on squelch being lifted from a ticket. They demanded their was no automation in the squelch, I posted the staysafe video that shows it plane as day. I got one post about how it was done on a private realm, the video was edited, and that youtubers do not deserve a view from them.

Within about 5 minutes it was greyed out as reported. Within 20 minutes after that the thread was locked, that post was deleted, and I received a warning.

Its pretty out of control. If you read the thread you can tell we are obviously talking about a video I posted and where the post that got “poofed” was.

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The irony is, if there was just a dislike button that would most deter most people. They are using the flag system as a way to say “I dont like you or your perspective” or “I dont care who you are you need to just agree.”

No. Just the amount of people that were banned. That way the community can see that their false reports have consequences and it will help deter a lot of it from happening in the future.

I’m not defending Blizzard one bit. I’m telling you the truth because in the last few years conspiracy theories about anything and everything have multiplied in volume. It’s annoying.

You can’t be automatically suspended by player reports on the forums. That’s a fact, sorry.

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The irony here is if there are all these automated systems you think there is, that’s the definition of the wild west. People can do whatever they want but if they offend the local mob, they’re dealt with not by law enforcement but by that mob.

You want the wild west? Player rule IS the wild west.

Blizzard has never, ever denied the squelch being automatic. They have said dozens of times over the years that the squelch is automatic. They released an article, explaining that the squelch is automatic all the way back in 2007.


Incorrect, they have enabled systems for player/mob rule to penalize a person without just cause. If these systems were not in place then people are forced to just discuss and not take negative actions on a person’s account because they disagree with them. The examples I speak of were several people posted comments like “player created problem” on the threads that started popping up on queue times. They were mass reported and received several days of being suspended/unable to post. How is “player created problem” statement against TOS? It isnt, yet their appeals resulted in automated responses after the penalty period claiming it was accurate action.

End of the day is that they arent staffed or really caring to enforce appropriately. If you create a system that you cannot support, dont put in penalty tools. Whether it is forums, in-game, whatever they arent supporting their customers but allow negative account actions to occur. Remove that crap.

DAY 5 of no account nor responce for me sigh* :frowning: really dont know what to do

Blizzard houses their CS staff in a 160,000 square foot facility in Austin, Texas. You can choose to believe whatever you want, free country.

This is my perfect anti social game don’t ruin this!

Ok, my company has 4 buildings as part of a campus yet they do remote/flex and it is 15% utilized. What does a building sqft have to do with anything? We have min fulfillment centers bigger than that.

that would be against the privacy of information policies. B lizz passwords not being case sensitive is evidence to the amount of security they put on their system

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It should so all four of them get banned and you guys can stop your victim cimplex

I am more willing to bet most of them just work out their house. Probably a company laptop and they log in and out for hours and some software monitors them.

Count the number of CS employees on the Wrath of the Lich King Classic credits.
Count the number of CS employees on original Wrath of the Lich King credits.