Some WoD Crafted Armor Sets and Weapons Unobtainable in Shadowlands

Indeed. Frankly, their continued acknowledgment of this thread is bizarre at this point. Replying “very soon” when it’s already been delayed for more than 2 years is a bit on the nose even for them, lol.


If you notice their original post about when they would come back, no timetable was given.

I feel bad for buddy being responsible to give the update on this

2 years and all he’s allowed to say is “very soon”

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The original blue post said they would only be unavailable “temporarily.” No reasonable definition of “temporary” in this context can extend into years on end.


lasting for a limited time

-Merriam Webster.

Where does that give any indication of the length of time?

You guys are ruthless.

I love it.


I don’t think it even occurred to them that anyone would care. They just told us there was a fix in progress. There never was, or it would have been done by now.


That’s the problem with a lot of things outside of the seasonal content (M+,PvP, Raid), They think that nobody cares but there’s a community behind and there’s a lot of sub communities in this game besides end content.

So, we’ll be waiting another expansion then for a reminder that y’all didn’t forget and something’s in the works then?

Legit, it’s been a full expansion cycle already

Let’s say for a hot moment they changed something where upgrade levels couldn’t “swap out” the appearance of the gear anymore and that’s why the WoD crafted gear broke when they revamped the ilvl upgrades in crafting with SL.

Then why is my Sepulcher Catalyst tier able to change appearances as I upgrade it with valor ?

Obviously, they could’ve made it work. Heck, they could’ve added “cosmetic” pieces to craft on the trainer with all the appearences with no possible upgrades. That wouldn’t take more than an afternoon for an intern, just a bunch of new recipes with new item ids.

It’s like Fated Devouring Cold that’s been broken since S4 launched. Devouring Cold from SoD worked fine. Why can’t the fix the Fated version ? It’s been 3 months.

The issue was that when they tried to standardize old crafted gear to add possible upgrades with optional reagents, that was incompatible with the Draenor crafted gear upgrade method. They probably didn’t even think that there might be appearances locked behind those old reagents they made into grey items.

It’s “just” two years that we are waiting so it’s a little hard to believe that you will do it “soon” in a 10.1 patch… unless you are planning to do it altogether with the grey and white items.

Hello pre pandemic thread

Covid sucks :+1:

Don’t underestimate the power of spaghetti code forcing you to wipe the table completely.

And then more important current-xpac/future-xpac related priorities pushing WoD maintenance back further and further.

That said, it would have been better to have had this on a “known issues” list rather than commented on individually.

I’m going to guess that they will probably add back the lost WoD crafting armor sets alongside grey and white transmogs and old starter set transmogs.

If grey and white transmogs get added in say 10.1 or 10.1.5, then it would make sense to add the WoD crafting appearances as well.

Who knows when they will actually add this stuff, though. We’re already two years into the promise of the WoD appearances alone.

There’s also still no word on whether or not Brawler’s Guild is ever coming back.

Seriously? Did you even read what you wrote? How is “limited time” not an indication of, you know, time? Or do you not understand what “limited” means? Ok then Mr. Dictionary Humper, I am going to assume you’re not just trolling and instead being painfully pedantic.

So you’re telling me that if you go to a store looking for toilet paper and they tell you they’re out of stock “temporarily” you would not expect to see said toilet paper on their shelves again for the next 2+ years!?

Personally, I can’t fathom that way of thinking but I guess at least it saved you a lot of stress during the pandemic.

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Honestly. I’m not expecting you guys to ever fix this. So at least stop treating us like we’re stupid and come clean.


So very true. A game that started as an MMO is just being shifted into an ESports title with leveling as the barrier of entry to get started.

On the PTR/Beta they were doing a re-scaling of item levels while leveling to make the curve smoother. The end result has been a mess with even worse gaps at the same level than before, and items dropping for players in dungeons that are 10+ levels above what they can use. Players have tried bug reports and topics begging for it to be fixed only to be left shouting into the void.

If they can’t even get something that important right, these transmogs have no hope.

And no word on the races without heritage armors.


Not to burst your bubble, but this isn’t a pre-pandemic thread.