Some Changes

I’m sure I did. Let’s agree that I did.


Not that I don’t believe you on this stuff, but man I have watched a lot of people juke me successfully. I’ve probably also gotten them when I shouldn’t have, but I can’t tell you how many times I run up to pummel someone and I’m moderately surprised to see them backpedal out of their cast as I hit pummel and then go straight back to healing. Feels bad man.

crazy pummeling death knights…

Please read my responses before posting so hastily.

Please do or could you redirect me to this mega thread?

This was supposed to be a different game in the first place. Cost was probably the motivating factor behind the decision to revamp the modern client and that has lead to some lackluster experiences for the player base.

They should have just put a price tag on the base client. I would have paid for a “classic expansion” if it was going to work well.


Original thread. Look at the heat in there.

If you just google “Please remove Spell batching” you get dozens of threads, from all over.

I wouldn’t think that. I don’t think, on today’s internet. 500,000 clients is the same as 5,000 clients. To me that’s a crazy idea. That’s pretending “technology is magic and can do anything with ease”.

But I guess internat literacy (or understanding the problems of scale) is asking too much.

Blizzard does not control YOUR internet. Blizzard cannot create a server. Companies that build computers are 500 times larger than Blizzard.

If you lag with 100 people in the same area.

Get a better pc and net.

hello sir Kaivax, while this is fun to see. the game feels very sluggish and doesnt feel very good at the moment due to the spell batching being too high. I think that if you were to even cut it in half we can still have the shenanigans that you mention and also have the game feel better overall.

please mention to the game devs about maybe reconsidering their position on spell batching. thank you

(btw anyone about to quote me, no changes is bulls*it. you know it, I know it)

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I wish Batching was gone and played with the smoothness of retail. You can blame the #nochange crowd for that one. Probably be the same number of complaints from them that the meta has been shifted without vanilla like batching.


Feels like vanilla.

If you don’t like it, don’t play.

Spell batching does not feel like Vanilla. It’s overkill. Cut it in half or something. It’s absolutely extreme atm and out of hand.

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Feels like Vanilla to me. If it is off Its not by enough for most players to notice the difference. I just know I don’t like it cause its not 2004 anymore but #nochanges and all :roll_eyes:

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I understand that this was part of the reason batching was added for wow classic, but I’m not sure rare one-offs like this is a strong enough reason to keep a system that causes so much frustration (healing especially).


Spell batching is great :slight_smile:

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Laughter first, then cleanse. That’s the vanilla way

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Nice to know that you get to have a chuckle meanwhile the vast majority of players do not like the system at all and very much feel like they are playing on 56k (sarcasm, somewhat) and you cant go into a non-layered major city without having 5+ second lag time on any actions.

I was very much anticipating and looking forward to the opening of the AQ gates because of how iconic and monumental it would be. Now I dread it because I know it will be a giant lag fest of sling shotting pvp players and massively delayed actions. I hope I am wrong in that, but I am not getting my hopes up.

Edit: also not very encouraging that your only response is to the jovial question of whether you cleansed the batched mind control paying no attention to the valid and often constructive criticism whatsoever. People aren’t complaining because they hate the game and hate Blizzard, they are complaining because they love it and want to see it improve.


I seem to remember rogue’s always complaining about vanish all through vanilla. What’s the difference?

Nice post by the way. I mean no disrespect.

We’ll be lagging horrendously even without batching. The framework doesn’t allow for that many players in one area, Blizzard never attempted anything of this calibre again for this reason.

Even in WotLK, they had plans to use the zone beneath dalaran in much more detail but had to relocate the argent tournament near icecrown to avoid the massive lag caused by the shared faction city.

thanks for your non-input

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This happened fairly frequently in Vanilla to my druid trying to NS heal. This IS true to Vanilla. Whether you like it or not is a different discussion.

I feel like the biggest discrepancy is that some abilities which used to be, or at least feel, client side are now server authenticated, presumably for security reasons. I get why they wouldn’t backtrack on that, but it does feel different because of it.