Some Changes: It's no accident

New people won’t come to TBC?

News to me.

I have 2 friends who didn’t want to do classic but are going to do Tbc.


Maybe if you consider new people that play retail

My 2 friends dont play retail so once again idk what you mean?

Retail isnt a good game.

TBC is a good game.

Foolish. They are still riding the coat tails of the legends who made WC1, WC2, WC3, D1, D2, SC &BW, and OG WoW.

Literally everything else released by blizzard since is garbage.

They lose profit by being so short sighted. But it’s true, they are still able to make heinously idiotic decisions and remain profitable due to the legendary success of Blizzard North.


I think they apply what i described on retail just as well. Its carefully balanced to never tank it too much but to change the game in a way that keeps ppl paying for every minute thing

You know, some of the most successful games on steam are small groups for that very reason. Phasmaphobia is one guy, working on that game. The industry only F*^$s you if you let it.

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Companys don’t waste time and money to kill their own products in order for their alternative prodcuts to make them money.
If they want people tonplay 9.1 then they’d make better content for us to be excited for, not ruin tbc.

Companys don’t waste time and money to kill their own products in order for their alternative prodcuts to make them money.

I see you run a fortune 500 company with this expansive knowledge. Good job.

Your right… bc putting a token in the game which allows u to not need any real life cash to play… there’s a reason why the token is 20) and not 15. Again look at the earnings report… the token and store are where they make there money.

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brilliant idea, except for the fact that your amazing theory has 9.1 coming out some time in september - november, which is such a stupid prediction I can’t even bother taking anything you say seriously.

That is literally word for word what tons of companies too.

Some companies are even designed to strip IPs for parts

Less desirable than what? If it is “less” than something else must be “more”.

What features do you consider “less desirable”?

Or isn’t that part of your conspiracy theory?

This is one of the absolute dumbest theories I’ve ever seen. The majority of Classic and TBC classic players have zero interest in retail. We’d rather just quit and stay unsubbed for years (like a vast majority of us were before classic was released).

There is zero chance that this is the case. If anything, classic is here to catch the retail players when they get bored of retail, regardless of patch. Once patch 9.1 comes out and people do the 1-2 week worth of content, they’ll come and play TBC.

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Well have a great day to you too, sir!

Some people asked for no changes, they didn’t get that.

More people asked for changes- they got what they wanted.

We said it’d lead to boosts, store mounts and excessive monetization, and sweeping changes such as what we got with arena- the some changers said that was a slippery slope, Blizz would never do that.

Then Blizz did it, and some changers have buyers remorse.

You all were warned many times that eventually Blizz would put out changes that you don’t like- looks like we’re hitting that point for a lot of people.

When we get tokens to cash in on the new rating boost meta in arena that they just created out of a situation where it wouldn’t have existed- please remember to pretend you’re outraged and surprised that you opened the door for this and Blizz blasted its way through.

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Classic was 99.9% “No-changes.”

I didn’t get virtually any of the changes I asked for. Blizzard made changes so slow and carefully as to not upset the minority “No-changes” community. If they actually stepped up and made decisions based on community polling, we could have had a better version of Classic than we got.

At least they’re increasing nameplate range:

“No-changes” would rather keep stuff like spell batching and 20 yard nameplate visibility, no thanks. Hopefully they continue to move farther and farther away from “No-changes.”

Who asked for the arena changes?

The arena rating changes are them normalizing the S4 rating requirements across all seasons. Remember when “No-changers” said that as long as it was something that existed in the timeline, it was considered “No-changes” ?

Yeah. Blizzard still can’t get out of that “No-changes” mindset. It’s held Classic back a great deal and it will continue to hold TBC Classic back. Their initial “change” to drums was the same thing; they were going to release the drums in an earlier state and then release another version that was the 2.3 version in a later phase in TBC Classic to match the original TBC timeline. The moment Blizzard made a real change by adding the Tinnitus debuff, the community rejoiced.

Where did they say that?

Phase 2 is going to be about about 2-3 months after release. With current estimates 9.1 will be out for a month before tier 5 is dropped. Which is around when the race is done for two weeks and anybody not doing Mythic is sick of the new raid tier. If we assume 9.1 drops in August that is. They might manage to push 9.1 out in July. The huge shove of TBC early conveniently before the earning call for this quarter kind of lends a lot of belief to the idea that 9.1 is not close enough to being finished before June 30th.