Some Changes: It's no accident

Many people are thinking that Blizzard is ‘out of touch’ or the Devs are unintelligent people… they aren’t.

They know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it on purpose: making TBC less desireable, so people will funnel back into retail when the 9.1 patch comes out.

They were advised to create a timeline where TBC will capture attention (and $$, obviously) for a 3-4month period. After 4months the changes are designed to draw players back to retail’s new release.

They are not making these changes to improve the game, they are making them to cycle the game’s timeline.


Hot take! but makes zero sense

In 4 months p2 would be about to come out, how does that help 9.1?

And they know how much overlap there is classic/retail play, which is to say, not a ton. Why would they bother when they know most don’t play both.

And in reality, they don’t care who plays what, it’s the same 15 bucks.


Or they could be a company that employees 9500 people. Trying to make as much profit as they can.

How many people do you employee?


did i inspire you to post a new thread. LOL


you gave me great inspiration.

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If that the case, then they are out of touch.

For how long has WoW been the reigning MMO?

how many ‘I Quit’ threads have there been from xpac to xpac?

People will say whatever they want, but they either keep playing, or come back eventually.

There is little they can do to TBC to sink the ship. People will play it no matter what changes they implement.

Maybe they’re implementing changes THEY want, and it’s all a big conspiracy!

well, maybe not a conspiracy, they might be implementing their own personal changes.

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Actually every decision they make comes down to money. They sent out feelers on how much people were willing to pay for clones, that price is set to rake in as much money as possible, while not pissing off people “too much” Aka the money they rake in outweighs the blowback

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LOL! That’s not gonna bring people back to that train wreck.


Very sad but absolutely true. I do feel the measurements they use to gauge success are what is out of touch.


They do that all the time. They did the same thing when they released Naxx the same week they released SL to funnel people back to retail.

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Anything but profit is hard sell to the people providing you the funds to make the business.

Can you imagine going to an investor call with “game profit is down, but people are having fun so the game is successful”, you’d be laughed out of the room and your stock would tank.

lol what is the crossover between retail and classic? 5%? I DL’d the client 60 gigs or whatever, made a char and uninstalled it within 5 mins. Surrounded by silent randos from 100 different servers doing some “on rails” BS. nty

Bad move considering a lot of players are coming back to Blizzard after ditching them over the years.

Kinda what the job of a sales man is; sell things be that to customers or investors.

The trouble is, many sales teams really don’t understand how to sell or what they’re even selling. Some get it, but really it’s kinda rare and why “Salesmen” has a very high turnover, but if you get a good one done mess with his commissions; make sure you’re not tinkering with it because they do drive the money forward.

Kinda like production in any aspect of business; been counters often don’t understand the jobs and components they criticize. Even the been counter is important, but bean counters and salesmen should never run companies because it’s not what they are good at.

A good way to express this further; look at older some old games from history before a rubber stamp was made to build games. Quake had the best 3D engine in the industry and was a fun game to play, but Duke3d had a comparatively terrible engine but was 100x more fun because it was so interactive and had so much more interesting depth to the game not just in the cheesy story but in terms of all the little hidden secrets, nuanced things you could do, graphics that for the time and the engine were actually good and pleasing to look at, and a very long list of other little features that made it just effectively better than a mechanically superior game line Quake.

The same can be said for all these new ways to make money; sure they can work and yes they are very effective in extracting money from certain people, but in a situation where you’re trying to diversify your income (classic does that) by getting money in a different more traditional way; ya don’t and shouldn’t go changing that 100% money farm just because your only other product line that makes any income is a flop.

The best possible situation is identify WTH is wrong with the failed product (retail wow) and fix that.

Now at this point for blizzard it’s 4 expansions too late; they’re already sinking due to poor choices in retail. Nothing short of actually working hard and consulting real game designers (who are unlikely to volunteer) to fix retail can actually save blizzard.

Bilking the Classic customers with “added retail flavor” isn’t gonna win them any favors, nor does merging the ideas of Retail with Classic games.

If anything, they need to merge classic ideas with retail, and legit they tried in SL but seem to have only looked to their very misguided “engagement metrics” to see what about classic people like.

The measurement tool blizzard uses to gauge what they think is fun is a horrible fail, it’s this tool that kills them; that and some of the most borrowed, boring and unoriginal class designs ever… seriously, gold pay games on the phone designed specifically to empty your bank account have more interesting designs now days; this is how out of touch they are.


Well, see, I don’t consider retail a failure, it just needs a little work, I still find it quite fun.

I could with a good team fix retail in a week plus a month.

Team would be:
3x R1 players (my pick)
3x R1 equivalent Raiders (my pick)
3x BG average joe Zugzug
3x speed levelers from classic
3x completionists
3x transmog farmers
3x boosters (yes they are valuable)
12x coders

The reasons for this are very simple; parse over all the valuable aspects of the game, fix the problems and actually fix all the freaking bugs at the source no bandaids allowed.

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big. blizzard, hire this man

Retail is a failure. How does a MMO go from a 10+ Million subs and drops to somewhere around 2-4 million on average? Either they’re facing steep competition or the game just isn’t fun. Why is it that people can play FPS games casually for hours and never get bored but, the moment they login into WoW they just want to log off? They’ve shifted their focus over to a different community rather than the one that built WoW.

That Middle class of WoW that kept the game moving forward and opened the doors for people who were both hardcore and extreme casuals the ability to play something with enjoyment. Now we’re stuck in Farmvile for half of the content and other being eSports sweat leagues. The inbetween isn’t given much thought as all of the challenging content is left entirely in instances or completely trivialized by a LFG system that groups you up with complete randoms. People need to feel like they’ve accomplished something while playing and that just isn’t there with the current content in terms of longevity. They need to have a community that isn’t entirely controlled by Reddit forumlards who hate speech report everything.

TLDR Shift the game back to the actual people who played the game since the start rather than focusing on the facebook gamers and sweatlords.


There’s multiple reasons for that, not the least of which is people were just done with the story after the lich king died.

Also, you have to take in that people have always been leaving wow, a lot of people, there was just more coming in for a long time. Now mmo’s aren’t as popular, there’s not as many new players. By the time wow had 12 million subs as many as 40million had left (judging by 100 million accounts in mop)

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