SoM charecter transfer taking a long time?

ive been waiting almost 30 mins for a transfer to go through and it says 5 min est wait

What character?

my Warrior on Swamp of sorrows AU Eturgrumm

almost to 2 hours now waiting for the transfer to go through =( cant play

Well, that character is locked - which is normal for one transferring.

It may just be delayed with maintenance today.

I’d give it a few more hours - they don’t always go through immediately. If say - by this evening it still hasn’t processed, you may want to pop in a problem with purchase ticket, have it looked into futher.

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can i log into other characters while waiting?

Absolutely - the only time you shouldn’t log into a character if it is currently in a service.


7 hours later still waiting still says around 30 mins est wait T_T guess il have to open a ticket

They say that it can take up to 24 hours. Once it’s hit that long and you’ve not gotten it to progress, then you can file a ticket. But for seven hours, if your ticket is even looked at within that time frame, they’ll likely tell you to wait until a full twenty-four hours has passed.


well its now almost been 24 hours still pending =/

You can submit a ticket here then through Purchase Failure.


Hey Unholyllama, did your transfer go through? I’m also waiting for my SoM toons to get transferred to a wrath realm and it’s been almost 18-20 hours since I started the process. The estimated time continues to say 1 hour, 24mins for the one I started yesterday and 3 hours, 20mins for the one I started recently (both lvl 1 bank alts to test to make sure they go through). Are you also sending your toons to wrath server or classic era server?

72 hours according to the gm who answered my ticket and did nothing =/

Dang, I’ll just wait until Monday to see how it’s going and maybe open a ticket at that point. Nothing has transferred yet as of this day which is going into the 2nd day now.

Any update on if your transfers went through yet? A GM just responded to my ticket and said the following:

"Well received your inquiry about transferring your Season of mastery characters from a World of Warcraft Classic realm to a Wrath of The Lich King realm.

I am afraid that those transfers had to be disabled to resolve a bug. Customer Support cannot bypass this.

The only thing I can suggest you to do is to stay informed on the forums since any updates will be posted first there: Season of Mastery Transfers Update - Nov. 1

I hope this clarifies your request and I wish you all the best!"

This response doesn’t seem to add up, because the forum he linked me to did mention a bug but that should have been old news since they added an update at the top showing the transfers were now available? Am I missing something lol.

Reopen the ticket or open a new one referencing the old one and the article saying the information is wrong.


Thanks, I did respond to the ticket and it’s open status again and said the following in my reply:


Is this a recent bug they found? The forum you linked to shows that transfers for season of mastery characters to a Wrath of The Lich King realm opened up and I’ve heard of many players that have successfully transferred their characters. The forum you linked showed that they updated it and it should be working now? Please let me know, also my characters are still showing “processing” status since 3-4 days ago when I started the transfer. Was the issue because I am trying to transfer to a “full” sized realm in wrath? It gave me the option to transfer to Pagle realm server on Wrath so I assume it should be open to season of mastery transfers?"

Do u have toons on those full realms that mite be the issue if u dont have toons there I dont think u can transfer other wise.

I created a lvl 1 human priest to check it out but I honestly can’t remember if it was before or after I started the transfer. If I had to guess it should have been right before as I wanted to see how the community was looking. That was for my first account, I had another toon on my 2nd account I started the transfer without any characters on that realm and it’s still processing as well.

1st Account
-One lvl 60 mage
-I have two lvl 1 bank alts processing still with the same time frames given 3-4 days ago from SoM Shadowstrike realm to Pagle Wrath realm.

2nd Account
-One lvl 60 druid
-One lvl 47 paladin
-I also have 2 lvl 1 bank alts still processing status from 3-4 days ago.

I didn’t want to transfer any of my higher lvls yet to make sure the transfers went through successfully in case anything got screwed up lol.