Solo Shuffle Ruined PvP

Yeah if bgb becomes a full time addition I’ll probably never play arena again unless friends hit me up

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i know what you’re saying, but you’re just nostalgia remembering.

theres literally nothing more vile then not being able to play with people because they’re on a different server.

hell, if they didn’t add cross faction queues imagine how much more dead this season would be, let alone if they removed cross realm queueing

i do wish they merged all wow servers for each major region/player base into their own mega servers and/or if they removed the infinite amount of layers between people even of the same server.

like if i’m in goldshire on tichondrius, i should be able to see everyone in goldshire that’s on my realm but right now that’s not the case

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You say that, but you’re wrong. I had an absolute blast on classic, bc, and wrath for the exact reasons stated above. I would have gladly stuck around on classic but the content was recycled and didn’t hold people there for PVE and the rampant hacking cheating wintrading etc going unpunished made it unfun for pvp

One mega server might be a big ask but 5-6 huge servers would be ideal and each can have its own battlegroup or something


the only reason i don’t play wrath is because i don’t feel like leveling a brand new character to 80 on a different realm just to play with my friend because benediction was locked for 20 years.
there’s a ton of other people in this boat too.

the player base is so small, if we fracture it to just people on one server can queue with each other then we might as well just call it a day.

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Yeah locking servers was a giga huge mistake and dealt, in my opinion, a fatal blow to Wrath off the get go.

My friends and I tried to congregate on one server like half of us transferred to a server, it locked overnight, and iur friends couldnt transfer so we needed to transfer again. It was hilariously bad.

I agree, but I think there should be 5 or 6 mega servers that have their own ladders, etc. No cross realm. Problem is merging servers into 5-6 mega servers would require Blizzard to tacitly admit the game has been hemorrhaging players.


Such a weird myth that WoW players love. LFG is social in the same way that going into an office is social: it’s networking, which is shallow and without meaning. It’s the TikTok of human interaction, and the people who desperately cling to it in any of its forms give off the same creepy vibe as the kid in school who got the teacher to force you to play with them.

SoloQ is first and foremost valuable because it isolates the individual and their gameplay as the variable being tested. It’s a nice bonus that it is also convenient, and from what I understand this part of it is something WoW desperately needed, but if you had asked me about it before reading WoW players discuss it that benefit wouldn’t even have occurred to me. It is simply unparalleled as a vehicle for stoic self-improvement.


Weird take because in the second half you described RSS here not LFG.

Not saying that RSS is a bad thing. It’s definitely not.

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SS is the reason I made WAs to streamline my rotation.

SS is the reason I started recording games and asking for advice.

SS is the reason I made friends to play real arena with.

SS is the reason I reached my season goals: My first 1800 (and I actually got it in 2s first lol).


If you had played New World or Classic you wouldn’t think this. WoW servers only flourished as long as they did because of the once-in-a-lifetime popularity of the game that drew in an effectively infinite supply of new players to combat attrition. Without that boon servers die. They die repeatedly until (and as) players recreate cross-realm by piling onto megaservers as best as they can.

This same phenomenon happened in both of the games I mentioned. It happened exactly the same way and for exactly the same reasons. The result is a worse version of cross-realm that has a hypertoxic bonus experience if you happen to find yourself stranded on one of the dead or dying servers. If you brought back real servers to retail it would be no different.

RSS has been a great service to the community overall. There are only 3 kinds of people who hate RSS.

  1. Mid level Gladiators who want to push R1 but they won’t attain it outside of shady means because the 3s bracket doesnt have more characters creating more R1 slots
  2. Duelists who get the occasional Gladiator title because of the vast amounts of people casually queueing which elevates them up the ladder.
  3. People who thought RSS was gonna save them from being held back by “never getting any good partners” and suddenly realizing that they just can’t even stand on their owb two feet in a format where everyone plays with everyone.

Sure there are some valid criticisms of RSS, but those criticisms are less about the format and more about crap decisions Blizzard has made lately re: mmr, balance, healers


Big facts this is going to hurt some prot warrior feelings

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Why :dracthyr_cry_animated:

  1. Yea, you are right all other brackets are deflated. Playing against 2am multiglads at 1600 at night in OCE.

  2. The rework to ret pal made me quit during the season, only came back now since Rdruid buffs. It feels like the player base are the testers for new reworks, kind of annoying that they can roll out something so broken.

  • Playing bad maps like Blades edge sucks!

  • MMR is bad for healers im playing in either fresh CR player matches or 2.1k XP players at 1850 CR.

  • Agreed, playing with friends in Comms is what makes this game fun for me, SOLO its just there to get me some conquest when I need it as a healer main.

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SS is a great place to find friends. It’s like tryouts for potential Arena partners.

How are rated 2s and 3s pointless? They offer more conquest, allow you to queue with friends, and offer unique rewards.

What does this have to do with solo shuffle?

Well that’s just simply not true. People begged for solo queue, people got solo queue, and it seems to be pretty well-received. Sure, not perfect, but it seems to be more well-received than the old LFG meta was.

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can’t even play shuffles as certain specs because you just get dominated by all the broken melee atm that are completely untouched by all the ccs you put out while having movement skill after movement skill

Is this a dwarf fortress generated description?

So you’re the one person that doesn’t have someone AFK when the que pops returning you to que only to finally get to play after 3 of those AFK pops. Then someone leaves after 2 rounds. Then you que up again, rinse and repeat with the AFK pops then finally get in to the most unfavorable lobby for your spec going 0-6, or get a healer that is facing a healer that 400 mmr higher thus making the experience unenjoyable for everyone. Because how can you get better when everyone knows the lobby dog is the healer? Then you instantly log off because it’s been 2 hours and you rather watch reruns of the same Sportscenter over and over again before you go through that again.

That’s the more accurate SS experience. Not the guarantee as you claim.