Solo Shuffle Ruined PvP

I will be the very first to admit that the concept of having solo arenas would be a great benefit to those who simply are anti-social and unwilling to make friends to grind with.

After some reflection and experiencing it throughout DF it’s hard to really support any form of Solo X rated content in an era where “Legion Patching” was promised, yet once again failed to meet player expectations. I won’t discuss in detail the craptastic “balancing” of classes in PvP, but I will highlight a few no-brainers.

  1. Rated 2’s and 3’s is pointless unless you’re in the top 5% pushing for it. By kiting all of the sub 2400’s away from the traditional 2’s and 3’s YOU (Blizzard) created an even MORE TOXIC environment that pushed healers away from the solo matrix of randomization phawkery, and subconsciously inspired more casual players to have a more hateful attitude towards PvPing.

  2. Class balance for PvP has been blindsided by ignorance. Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, and introducing new specs mid-season was the worst possible thing you could have done as designers. EVER. As someone with a degree in that field you get a big fat F for that alone.

  3. WE DO NOT WANT MORE SOLO RATED CRUD! This should be #1, but before DF is over we should just remove the concept of rated solo shuffle. The design sucks, maps suck, matchmaking (based on rating mostly) sucks, and most importantly it killed the core of what PvP should be… non SOLO 2’s and 3’s.

Disagree with me or not, but at the end of the day rated solo should be a lessons learned. Also Bobby sucks. The end.


We obviously do, and we’re getting more of it in the form of battleground blitz next patch.


Being able to play the game solo is really good for the long term health of pvp. Solo shuffle obviously isn’t quite perfect as it is right now, but solo q is still a good concept. If they implemented it more in the way people initially predicted it could be amazing.


I’m very excited for this. I hope it works out.

If the queue times are reasonable and I’m allowed to queue with 1 or 2 buddies, it could be my main thing from now on.


Some people want communism too doesn’t make it a good idea. Stripping away social aspects of an mmorpg is never a positive. It could be changed to a positive by combining the ladder and rss if you want convenience it’s there but it incentivizes socializing and revives the ladder again.

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Battlegrounds have always been solo queue, so slapping rating on them really isn’t too crazy.


This is a wow arena forum comment. All craftsmanship is of the lowest quality. In the comment are many frames of a elf, a goblin, a hat, a fox, a orc, and a human. The goblin is wearing the hat. The elf is writing the comment. The orc is responding to the comment. The fox is immersed in the comment. The human is recording the comment. The frames relate to the comment in the wow arena forums about solo shuffle in the summer of 2023.


Now I’m talking about reading this comment. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Will see how it plays out. I think it makes more sense than the arena version and will have less negative ramifications since rated bgs is a mostly dead cess pool and has been for a while. Inb4 someone claims the same about 3v3. Anyways I also wouldn’t think it was a bad idea to combine that as well again incentivizing socialization.

Speak for yourself. I am excited for solo queue rbgs down to my very core even though I’m sure my optimism is misplaced


yeah agree

shuffle sucked the life out of every bracket and promised only a toxic cesspool where the people too unlikeable or too garbage were given rewards

say anything in instance you risk being reported/suspended because somebody’s having a bad day

tanks are eligible for rank one rewards at 2100 cr while we’re 14 years into 2s being deemed unworthy of any tangible reward

the gameplay itself is terrible and uncoordinated with the primary and only saving grace being that everyone has a turn in the misery, albeit with some specs caring less about who/what specs they get (marks hunters, eles, spriests, dks)

the thought “solo content needs to happen for the health of the game” is idiotic because the only time wow is ever fun is with friends, even when the game was objectively better or worse, fun comes with friends; anything to incentivize not inviting a friend is degenerate to the health of the game


who’s friends still play wow?

the player base is so so so small in wow, and even smaller in pvp.

you can fill the amount of players that play wow arena in a single elementary school gymnasium

solo queue is the only way some people can legitimately play most nights.

for a huge portion of the already small player base it’s either: sit in LFG for a few hours, maybe play a few games if you’re lucky, or press a button and guarantee play 6 games of 3v3 within the hour


potential friends are all around, all of my old partners quit during legion

the way i see it, you’re either antisocial or too busy, either way i don’t see how that means you can’t find a single healer or DPS to queue up some 2s with when you log on

after sitting half of that duration not in the arena itself ?

This is cope. Every game is fun with friends, even those that are considered to be a dumpster fire. Moot point.


I agree with this sentiment for a slightly different reason. I think its less about being able to play with friends and more about the fact that this game used to have a sense of community while you were playing even if you were largely a solo player.

The server you played on used to matter, faction used to matter, people weren’t getting max level and full gear in 8 hours /played.

If there was a version of retail that went back to servers, I think it would fantastic and beneficial to long term health. Bring back battlegroups, bring back rewards for 2s, bring back 5s with full rewards, and bring back the vanilla style ranking system with full rewards (attach a rating if you must) for battlegrounds and wpvp.

The reason people act like such massive trashcans in game is because you habitually interact with people that you will realistically never see again or at least not see them regularly.

The game is no longer greater than the sum of its parts. It doesnt have a soul and hasn’t in a very very long time.

LFG and cross server, in the long run, did more harm than good. Access to the seemingly infinite player pool created a dynamic where people no longer would want to play with a really good player in a B tier spec but instead wait for some idiot who rerolled to S+ tier and is worse than the B tier guy.


Though it does allow for anyone to hit up anyone else in the same region, so those that are actually pals and not just “I’m this s-tier spec and you’re that s-tier spec” for the sake of funne flex number go up can play together.

If we went back to battlegroups now? It’d probably blow up in our faces. Or everyone would just transfer to their friends servers… or just Moon Guard/Tichondrius/Area 52, the three big servers that actually have community, for what that’s worth in retail.

I made friends through the forums. Many who are still on their original and - relative to the three big servers - quite dead. I would rather not be arbitrarily gated off by “hey battlegroups are back get owned.”

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Oh yeah for sure. The damage is done and realistically cannot be undone.

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sure they are, but they’re far and few between. you can find a gem in LFG who you click with but how often does that happen for everybody?

what if you’re an off meta spec like outlaw rogue (@bandit) or a frost dk main or me a, brewdawg. you’re legit lucky to play a single real game of 3s ever

you can say this but have you tried finding a team in LFG? it’s putrid that i have to go through that every single day i try to q wow

yes exactly! i would like to actually play the game and not sit in LFG for hours.

the scope of LFG is so narrow depending on the spec you play, the cr you have, or the exp you’ve been. it’s wild

like i’m not saying it can’t be done, 95% of my friends list has been through LFG because no one irl plays wow in 2023, all im saying is it’s vile. i just want to q


Far, far less often than it happened when we were locked down to servers. Servers made it so you saw the same people all the time. You eventually became friendly. You find someone who wanted to pvp and maybe you weren’t the best but damn you worked together toward a goal

This is something many glads and r1s are incapable of understanding since they always play with the same small group of people



And on the note of solo que stuff supposedly being garbo, you just know I’m going to be in the Blitz brawl. Gonna be Crackshotting fools if it makes it to live. If not? Killing Spree is back baybeeee.

Heck, if we get a season 4, BGB might be all I play then unless someone hits me up for arena.

Been itching for a rated objective mode that doesn’t have networking hurdles to play.