Solo shuffle Honor nerfed?

Oh noooo god forbid a casual get a chance at 1 tier piece a week that they could get for doing LFR anyways :roll_eyes:

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How about you Git gud. its literally so easy to cap.

Where did anyone say it’s hard? :woozy_face:


They mentionned they want to do it, but probably not this expansion.

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How does solo queue inspire you guys to PvP at all? Serious question, all it does is completely nuke my faith in any random partners.

Press button, get game.

That’s not inspiration, that’s a function. And it’s more like: press button, wait 7 minutes, get game and then your healer doesn’t even have his heals bound and has never heard of a defensive.

I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say the WORST players are found in solo right now. It’s awful.

It places you with similar mmr people.

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Would like to see proof of this, and if that’s so, then the only way to escape 0CR/starting MMR Hell would be to completely grind your face against it until you’re free.

I think the MMR thing is not true. I don’t do rated PvP and, on my monk and druids, I keep getting put in unfair matches against healers who have ostensibly hit duelist or gladiator in past seasons (judging from their achievements), who in many cases already have upgraded conquest gear, and who are usually playing holy priests which also isn’t fair

It’s kind of hard to say because MMR requires that you play a bit to establish it.

That’s how it is in most solo q games

I mean if you’re good enough you will just end up climbing tbh

If the other 5 people are terrible except you, you’ll have the most impact every game

Super rare for me to ever go less than 5 round wins unless one person is legit super piss gear and every1 kills them every round, but that’s just a situation it’s uncarryable

Naturally your MMR should climb with a solo q tho

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Don’t they grant different ilvl of loot depending on how many you did? Like running 10 +5s and a single +15 will give you one selection at the max ilvl while the other two are the +5 drop?

Few reasons:

  1. Everyone one is a PUG. And to top it off, people get shuffled around. You are not going to up against a team of people who have 10 + years of experience that are building, strategizing, and utilizing a meta comp for the season.

  2. ILVL Gear and Addons. Some people have gear and some don’t. Some people have addons and some don’t. The Shuffle serves as an equalizer. So the advantages of having gear and addons aren’t near as bad as in arena.

  3. NO LFG DRAMA! This one is HUGE! NO more having some drop at the first sign of loss. No more having someone make demands are insist things are a done their way. No more worrying if you choose the wrong target or make a mistake that your group is going to disband.

  4. The Solo Shuffle is just fun. It’s not about “Survival of the Fittest” where people chastise and Ostracize the “worst” player and praise the fittest. It’s what gaming should be about. Having fun.

  5. Adding Rating and vault choices would greatly enhance gameplay and only make things better. That was the stated goal and hope they make that happen soon. I could care less who the best player is. I know its not me. But, I would like a good equal footing for a people who want to play. From Solo, Casual, new, veteran, or whatever. With everyone getting the chance to get some rewards.

  6. New people, casuals, and Solo players can get a good positive start in the shuffle versus trying to PUG in Arena and constantly getting wrecked.

  7. Simply taking the time to queue up makes life so much easier. Its great that Blizz is noticing that team play does not apply to everyone and they are taking the steps to make rated an option for both team and non-team PVP.

solo shuffle is awful, as me and many others said it would be. its just 6 rounds of the same person getting mashed into the ground and whoever has them on their team loses.people attacking random targets,breaking cc, coming in with no gear,not ccing at all,etc. i could go on forever, its at a fundamental level the worst possible way a person could play wow pvp and if they think this is going to drive up participation of non-pvpers its likely to do the opposite.

this was not my experience

i did a handful a few days ago and 90% of them had most of the people in rotation absolutely vocally decimating whoever queued with the worst gear or whoever was playing obscenely bad

i’m not saying this as an argument against solo queue or anything
i really like the concept and i hope they perfect it

but i just don’t see this perfect utopia where it’s all about playing games and nobody is ever made to feel bad that so many casual players are convinced will exist

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I haven’t seen this too much, but the “hit mw he’s bad” or whatever is pretty common, although everybody is usually on the same page after the first match as to who the weakest link probably is.

Oh absolutely. I am not saying those people don’t exist in Solo Queue. Because you are 100% correct when you say that happens. The difference is that you are no longer co-dependent on those people like you are in LFG. So yeah, those toxic people exist. But, you just slap ignore on them, say to yourself, “There is one person I’ll never miss hearing from again”, and you are all set to roll with your PVP gaming.

I haven’t seen any grief in shuffle yet, I got soloist on 3/3 and have played at least 1k+ rounds.

I’ve had some good games in the mix. Just needs development imo. Also, especially if you’re healing, there’s interesting gameplay that can come of the ‘awful’ things.

Eg played a series recently w/ a glad+ xp ret that had 39k hp and we went 3-0 together. Underdogging can be fun.

Or when someone is clearly not experienced in pvp but their mog is on fleek and they’re playing something like dwarf war with a based rp name and their mount fits just right, ngl I throw them my sweatiest heals.

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I’ve played a lot though. I’m not sure how many solo shuffles I’ve done but I think it’s in the hundreds (across three characters). I went up at least 24 honor levels since I started.

The queue times are usually so quick as a healer that it’s hard to believe the system is being picky about who to set me up with.

It’s better than arena skirmishes, which are the only other option if you want to try something that’s kinda like arena but don’t want to have to look for people to play with.

Also if you do well and it’s acknowledged by a player you were playing against in a previous round, it can be a bit of a confidence boost. In fact I think you’re more likely to get positive feedback from other players in solo shuffle than in things like random BGs or whatever.