Solo shuffle Honor nerfed?

I heard it from a few friends and online on a reddit post but can someone please confirm or deny, I really hope they didn’t because its the only gamemode I like to gear up with lately


I hope not. There have been some inconsistencies with how honor is awarded in the mode, where some rounds award none, or even worse somebody leaves and it just kicks everybody out.

Also could’ve sworn that I received honor despite not getting a message that I received honor.

We did indeed have a recent bug that reduced the amount of bonus Honor received per round won in Solo Shuffle.

We’ve created a hotfix for it, and expect that hotfix to be applied to the game soon.

Don’t forget-- your first Solo Shuffle win of the day grants twice as much Honor as subsequent wins that day.


That is fantastic news.

Any chance you’d consider making Solo Shuffle honor count towards weekly PvP vault progress?


Omg you’re back it’s like Christmas thanks again for posting and the quick clarification :tada:


If it is participation from all types of PvPers that they want, this would be ideal. Offering a way to unlock vault slots to people that don’t want to do regular rated PvP would be an attractive incentive to queue up.


Yes please.
Down with pugging RBGs



people that don’t want to do rbgs*


I think they’re afraid this will reduce ladder activity and maybe rightfully so. Not sure how I feel about it. While it would be nice to just cap out vault slots solo (I only got 1 this week :frowning: ) it may turn into a lot of people wining 1 game at desired rating then doing all solo shuffles after.

Please blizzard, please.

Alts would be so happy.

Even 25-100 per win would be nice. I could queue Solo Shuffle all day.

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Couldn’t agree more.


I’m confident it would have the opposite effect.

Rated solo shuffle would essentially serve as a gateway for players to participate in traditional rated PVP content.


or it could just be people participating in new pvp content, but i def agree that shuffle could bridge the gap for a lot of pve players

like winning 1 game at desired rating then doing rbgs?
running one 17+ then doing low keys?

It 100% would. And bring encourage casual PVPers back into the arena.

Once it’s properly incentived (rating, vault honor, etc…), participation will skyrocket.

That’s a good point and I could see it doing that, but that would only instigate really low end ladder activity. Not a bad thing at all, but I’m thinking of the 2100 campers every season however that’s usually only in 2’s now that I think about it so it’s whatever really. I agree it would be a good change.

Plus imagine the token sales for Blizz as n00bz now have all this fun new gear they can upgrade if they get could just get their stinkin’ actual arena rating up!


So because I don’t want to do raiding and take the time to learn fights I should get credit towards raid loot in vault if I do a daily dungeon. Same logic.

can you add rating to solo shuffle please?

Yep, you can get LFR quality gear once a week that you may or may not even find useful for grinding out 10 normal Dungeons that you can’t upgrade until you do Rated Dungeons. Totally will break the game, can’t let that happen!

Oh PS people can get this gear already by just farming an Epic Bg win a day so not sure why you’re trying to gate unrated gear like it matters :roll_eyes:

Except its a chance at tier too