Solo Shuffle Favoring the DPS?

Is anyone else noticing a trend where the DPS are in a better position to get more wins relative to he healers?

I’ve never pretended to be a math-genius, so maybe there’s a provable answer to this question and if so, I’ll go about my business, but I’ve seen a lot of matches recently where the DPS don’t have to be great to come out on top.

Just now I left a game where a Boomkin lost every match. The healers won 3 and the other three DPS won 4 matches each. Assuming this is true (and I don’t claim to have an answer there) that’s going to end up hurting sales of Solo Shuffle since healers are the in-demand role there.

Are any of you seeing something similar? I’ve had a handful of games this week where the healers seemed to be less well off than the DPS that just mailed it in.

Its a combination of a lot of things tbh.

I had matches on my healer where I tried so hard but in the end I won 1 out of 5 matches which obviously made me think that I’m the ‘problem’.

Otoh, I had easy matches (few hours earlier) where I heal-botted a rotation of 4 dps (2dk, one fury, one surv) where 5/6 matches they were poking at each other till dampening hit gigachad levels.

I feel sorry for the other holy priest tho. Guy had decent gear and tried hard to land cc and heal but he had 1/6 wins.

If you had dps that just yolo pop defensives out of the blue… your sol…
If you had dps that hit w till his life is 5%… your sol too…
If you had dps that’s deep in zimbabwe while you get poly-ed trying to reach him… your screwed.

Theres too much to list here. Sometimes I wish there was an adventure guide or dbm addon for pvp that says ‘x is popping wings/avatar, disarm’, your hp is at 5%, you are in danger or whatever, might make my life easier and increases my chance of winning instead of praying and hoping that the guy gets some clue after x number of deaths because not everyone is open to accept ‘pointers’.

As a healer, I see solo shuffle as a place where I could ‘toughen’ myself… like you know how those shaolin monks breaks stuff with their head to harden themselves but I do understand that this is not everyone’s cup of tea… so yea…


I virtually always split 3/3. There is always one dps who’s crazy undergeared and does zero damage and dies instantly and loses every game lol

Fast ques though


This. ^^

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undergeared healers usually go 0-6 i notice

an undergeared healer is pretty much a free win. just hit them. they die so fast

this game is so weird. imagine alienating millions of potential players for this garbage gear grinding system

Undergeared healers? I played against a 90k Disc priest who hard carried the other night, and while I was fine winning zero games, the fact that the DPS went along for the free 3 wins was awful.

My entire argument for post thing though was that, it could be seen as a design flaw in SS - that said, once there’s rank associated, it could resolve the issue.

Yeah, I tapped out of SS in 9.2 until the Holy Priest nerfs. But otherwise, yes, you’re forced to work with various personalities in a short window. It’s a great skill-up.

If you’re undergeared doesn’t matter what role you are you will get targeted and die in 1 sec. Funny because you need to do solo shuffle for gear, Ive never seen a good solo matches its just target the undergeared guy. Its better just to do pve because mmo pvp is dead and they dont care if the system is poop.

I have. Its fun when someone adapts to the last match, swaps out talents and focues on kiting rather than DPS. It’s just we haven’t had that need before. Not to the extend SS has it.

it does kinda matter because if ur a crap geared healer u basically go 0-6

if ur a crap geared dps u can get lucky on a few rounds and go 3-3 most of the time.

at least thats what i seem to notice, but i dont do solo shuffle much since theres no real reason to

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They just raised the min. gear level from 252 to 278 I think, so it should make for better games.

god frikken dangit… why cant they also do this in random bgs?

tired of having healers with 22k hp on my team

well it will help for awhile until all the freaks r in like 310 ilvl XD

oh man blizz get it together

It’s a mixture of things. Right now you’ve got gear and skill disparities, and people usually figure out who the weakest player is in both regards after the first round.

We’re in a meta where it’s on dps to keep themselves alive. If you’re positioning or trading abilities poorly then you simply die because it’s too much to be healed through, and/or causes your team to fall behind horribly.

This results in matches where it’s just 1 guy getting bodied instantly every round because people see that he’s in a bad spot, not using cds right, etc.

Sure but even that yields:

  • 1 DPS with zero wins
  • 3 DPS with 4 wins (right?)
  • and the healers with 3 wins.

yada yada yada it’s more lucrative to be a DPS than it is a Healer.

Right now? I suppose it depends on how you’re looking at it. I love matches that end instantly when healing because my queue was instant, so I get a fat chunk of honor for going “even”.

It’ll be a similar thing when Ranked is a thing. If there’s 1 guy that’s going to win every round than I go 3-3, resulting in little or no rating/mmr change, and I’m off into another 6 rounds while the big guy ascends and the little guy(s) craters.

At the end of the day it’s just a matter of going as positively as you can, and that’s fine as anything, although faster queues as healer are a pretty notable advantage.

This elf speaks the truth.

Can confirm. The strategy talk before the gate opens consists of “Just go for the lowest HP” at round 1.

“Target the XXX(lowest geared player)” every turn after that. Some games end before I’m even able to pop off a shot.

Still remembered the previous solo shuffle on my arms warrior. Lock was geared, decent hp but he’s destro. Every round ends with destro dying, not entirely his fault, just that melee uptime is stupid and dumb (had a legendary so i can get 3 heroic leaps so doesnt matter if he gated or if he used that night fae mobility thingie)…

Last round ends with me and ret being on the same team and ret goes “mr warrior, lets hit destro again :)”

I enjoy pushing my button ofc… as that guy took several executes before dying…

Ok well i feel like its a deterrent for healers but no one seems to agree. I guess ill just wait and see. Thanks, folks.

Maybe if they didn’t make mages invincible with even stupider amounts of mobility it wouldn’t be a thing lol…

Right now, the que times hugely favor healer gains per hour. Even if you split every single series and some dps goes 5 and 1 every game you’re still gonna get more honor and conquest per hour as a healer.

Now if rated comes out and you’re looking to push rating it might start to be more annoying as a healer.