Solo Q is great, but what about RBGS

Solo Q arenas is the best thing added to wow since arenas were released in TBC. I can login and play the game, no more social engineering about finding the best players I can convince to play with me because thats not a game I want to play. I want to play the pvp, not social engineering group finding.

Lets do this to RBGs… Arenas is by far a harder task to tackle for this, solo q would be great and allow players to play RBGS!


That is basically 90% of regular bgs now which is why i dont que them anymore.

I would love a solo or maybe solo/duo queue rated battleground queue! I don’t like arenas as much and random battlegrounds are a bit too, well, random.

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yes plz sometimes making ur own group is a chore every time but i cant stand arenas not my playstyle

i want solo queues for for rated also, takes so long to get groups at certain hours of the day, but i can also see the endless complaining to Blizz about playing vrs pre-mades by the solo queuing players.

whoa i think u mean by some solo qers i dont mind premades its normal for pvp .

Its where id stay. I only que arenas for cap. Would que rbgs but dont have the time to sit in que for a group to drop after 1 game. 6v6 with equalized healers (2 max) would be the way to go.

If you look at the dumpster fire that is SS and truly, honestly think that Solo RBGs, 10v10, are a good idea…

You either haven’t thought for very long, very hard, or you simply don’t have the game’s best interest at heart.

How do you know how bad SS is if you don’t even try?

i would much rather have solo rbgs vs solo shuffle . AT least it will be content i enjoy with objectives . So just like normal bgs .

i tried it once in the beta hated it but it was the only pvp they had for beta

Honestly if rated wasn’t required for vault, I’m not sure I’d bother.


same /10 words that and the tmog . tho id need to get to 2k for that might b a challenge cuz d4 is coming out and imma b busy

Actually the full transmog is just 1800. You could get that with solo shuffle if inflation sets in again.

im talking bout the limited sets tho for df T_T i really want the evoker one but idk if ill ever have the attention span, im out of luck on mythic tmogs cuz they r purple T_T and i hate raids i preferred it better when blizz kept the pvp colors purple hmph

I think this is the crux of the issue, and thank you for being honest.

I haven’t actually been playing on the character I post with (I’ve been on my blue team twin, gaming with Bri and Joker), but if the people who constantly do SS despite hating it are anything to go off of… yeah.

SS is admittedly alright for what it is, but there’s big room for improvement, and I don’t think slamming in a solo que RBG 10v10 would really bring anything to the game. It would kill RBGs, probably maim randoms, and 20 people, in this toxic cesspit of a game? Randomly grouped together? I don’t know how you can say nothing would go wrong in that scenario with a straight face.

i would still rather have that then have to be forced into arena yet again . with as much epics as ive done nothing surprises me anymore .

Solo shuffle is a cool idea but it needs some improvements.

Remember in BFA when you could cap out your weekly chest without ever touching rated?

But I also remember in BFA getting the same conquest item 60% of the time on the very same chest.

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