Solo Q arena strat: Why not just focus the healer every round?

I can’t tell if you’re a troll or just an irrationally angry human being. Like every single thread you’re in you post a terrible, angry take.


a monk posted proof that they are banning and the most recent blue post confirmed that it will be happening more often

that being said, the healer leaving is why i don’t typically focus lmao had a game today where a priest was tilted after round 2 and faced me and a rogue and we destroyed him in a kidney. he instantly left.

no, it’s not just healers leaving.

and whats worse is instead of leaving, people will just afk/do nothing causeing people to lose rating instead of the 0 change that happens now. Cant wait for all the sooks to be back on here complaining about losing rating to afkers.

Non-leavers aren’t negatively impacted, though, and they’ll no doubt smack people who get excessively reported, so all is well.

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You are welcome to read it yourself

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Leavers in the next reset are also loosing mmr and cr. Its only healers who wont care because a 0 rated healer will still be placed into 1600 games.

Like i said, say good bye to your 30min ques and welcome to the new normal: 2hrs at best.

lotta cope

Solo shuffle is a meme, I would honestly rather they scrap it.

Sadly this is why many people hate being healer. Getting trained entire game isn’t fun. At least as RDruid I can go bear.

That’s going to be quite the sight. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

New strat instead of leaving once the game has been decided…as a healer you just go all out dps and cast only heals on yourself. This will keep the dps who failed to get the kills while on your team below your rating :stuck_out_tongue:

Sitting in queue for two hours to play one lobby of non-leavers is the same thing as playing four lobbies, but three of them had leavers, in the same time frame.

Not that “leavers getting reasonably punished” is going to increase our queue times.

I’d expect the opposite, really. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people are refusing to queue right now because they view the leaver problem as a waste of their time

Yeah here is your solution if they wanna ban, just run out there and make it look like you’re doing something press all your buttons and keep running at something! Oh wait my internet DC’d oops. Yeah shuffle needs a whole re work or make it a non rated mode again. Everyone is leaving because you lose points for winning 4-5 rounds out of 6. Lmao. Like how the heck

Why? Because a handful of people are experiencing issues adapting to the format?

I mean I have a post on why it’s terrible for the game. It’s siphoned players out of rated by a lot.

thats not just healers. DPS with weak defensives are trained every game also. ie, arms, ret, ww, and enh. mm.

sland glad kennie knows all the strats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s a report option for that: Gameplay Sabotage.

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