SOD's boring lol

Who wants my gold?

jk I’d rather it sit unused on an unsubbed account

Peace boys. See you if we ever get Era Fresh [or better devs]

So never.

Airport departure announcement complete.


You got the right idea. Red flags everywhere.


Don’t say that, it’s how I got roped back in to gming for classic. When they’re broke we’ll get fresh vanilla, tbc and wrath. Miraculously.


I would love a fresh era

I really think they should move away from staggered phasing, and just do 6 month long freshes. And add some runes or different ways of playing. And add some new content. New BGs maybe. Would be great.


if you’re on Wild Growth, you can send your surplus goods to me. I’m pretty cool.

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Dont play.

Dont post either.


The reason I think it’s boring is because they left in corpse running and left in all the old broken grave yards.

Very few flightpaths. It’s basically Walking Simulator. The problem is that I enjoy the open world feeling alive, but I hate walking sim.
Basically the problem is the mount situation.

Mount at 20 and then 100% speed mount at 40 would’ve been ideal for me.

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Imo SoD is not boring at all :). You can send me your gold if you are not playing anymore. :slight_smile:

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I’m crowdfunding for the construction of a very very large ballista, which will launch a very very large arrow from the highest bough of Darnassus straight into Thrall’s bedroom in Orgrimmar.


If you want those things, you can play retail, where they’re in place.


Tbh I’ve been on the fence about quitting too. My friends and guildies are the only thing holding me here at this point. Games trash. The people who make it. Also trash. Maybe once Microsoft entirely takes over things will improve. I doubt it though.


amen. peace brother :expressionless:

yes, staggered phasing has been a disaster :expressionless: the next fresh better be a normal one with no level cap silliness.


lol it will be doa. no one will want to stick around and played a 80% unfinished game after sod

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These types of posts are boring.


/10 char

I think the staggered phasing still is a good idea. I think the staggered phasing with new levelling raids that make old content obsolete is problematic, because it has meant there isn’t a need to go back and do old content when you can instead rush to the end-game stuff.

Imagine staggered level caps where people were free to organically complete dungeons and flesh out their kit.


Flouncers don’t bounce.

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I would’ve preferred this with a suped up XP buff.

+200% XP and then +500% gold from quests.

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