Soar speed nerfed by 30%

You can check the alpha forum, youre full of that stuff Tauren fertilize their fields with and you know it.

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Theyre just a bad faith troll, shes one of 3 that pop in to every single thread ti make a nonsense argument because they dont want dragonriding in the game at all.

If the entire world was westfall, then you’d probably be right but… I don’t know if you know this, but there are other zones other than westfall.

I mean… It’s just the Dracthyr racial, not dragonriding as a whole.

I understand why they did it. They want Dracthyr to still use dragonriding as a feature, rather than just soar everywhere.

I may be in the minority I’m sure, but mechanically and in terms of a major expansion feature, I don’t see a problem with that.

Oh right, the other 40 or 50 zones that are 60 levels beneath cap. Those zones? Because thats the zones Blizz is worried about. Old, empty, 16 year old Cataclysm zones that nobody has used in over a decade.

Youre in the minority because that isnt how soar works. Dragonriding is still so superior to soar that itd be insane to try and use soar to replace it

I love dragonriding, it’s very fun. At least it was until they added the physics - that needs to go.

We’re not talking about dragonriding though. We’re talking about the racial, soar, which has nothing to do with real dragonriding.

Dragonriding, as long as they get rid of the new physics, is great and they can expand that to the whole game. If they do that, I wont care at all what Soar does. But until they do, soar needs to be limited in the old world, because it’s too good a racial. It’s still too good, even at “only” double speed.

Not to mention TBC zones, and WotLK zones, and MoP zones, and WoD zones, and Legion zones, and BFA zones, and Shadowlands zones…

All zones except for Dragonflight ones…

Oh no, Dracthyr can do transmog runs slightly slower than a Vulpera! How unfair!

Oh, Dracthyr cant even use transmogs in their primary form…?

Well, im sure if someone shoves their head far enough up their own backside theyll come up with some way this is actually an advantage.


Soar has a 5 min CD after landing. Dragonriding does not.

Soar has a cap of one height gain and two dashes. Dragonriding does not.

Soar does not have a talent tree that will heavily improve it. Dragonriding does.

Even without this nerf, Dragonriding is heaps and bounds better by default.

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According to Blizz they will do Chromie time faster.

I already covered that, but you’re being obstinate and overly hostile over something as trivial as a 30% speed nerf.

Zereth Mortis rares are a fantastic example. Some can have lengthy spawn times, so how much is it going to suck if you, poor human, mount up on your epic mount to hunt down a rare that has a chance of dropping a transmog you want, only whoops, by the time you fly over to the rare some Dracthyr players have already soared over at 930% speed, ganked the rare, looted it and moved on before you even get half way there.

Then you’ve gotta wait for the respawn, because you can’t go and hunt down rares elsewhere, because if you’re not camping that exact spot, if you fly away, when it spawns again you might encounter the exact same thing again, where by the time you get there to tag the rare, some Dracthyr have already killed it.

Overall it’s a bad time for you, and while post-nerf the Dracthyr will still move faster than you, they won’t be so fast as to be able to get to rares and murder them before you get there. You’ll at least be able to get a tag in.

Oh and as for your stupid line about transmogs. Dracthyr wear mail, so any other class that wears mail or uses the weapons they use, can also use any of the transmogs they obtain. Of course, a true genius like yourself would already know that right?

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They cant even do Chromie time. Theyre locked out of it.

You dont fool anyone with your false superiority complex, your entire argument is the same bad faith nonsense that killed Shadowlands. You know there is no advantage to Dracthyr flying faster in the Eastern Kingdoms and you know this has nothing to do with Shadowlands content.

The fact that people are even entertaining bad faith trolls like you is just depressing.

Blizzard literally said this is for all non-Dragonflight content in their explanation of why they’re nerfing the flight speed. You’re the one who narrowed it down to just the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, as if Blizzard only wanted to preserve the zones that they changed with the Cataclysm expansion.

How do you know? This is going to be in a post Shadowlands world. Also rares already get jumped by 10+ people right away, why would Dracthyr being 10 seconds faster suddenly change that?


Because once every five minutes they can move about 300 yards super de duper quick! Almost as quick as a druid! But only if theyve mastered the Dragonriding mechanic and can magically maintain top speed the whole time and then only if a glitch occurs that somehow allows them to soar in a straight line without having to maintain momentum.

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Exactly this!!

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why do people even care about this nerf

Right now they do, yes, because people are actively playing Shadowlands content. But when Dragonflight comes out, that’s likely going to change. Especially as the expansion wears on.

Also for some open world bosses like the Sha of Anger, it’s first come first serve there with a lengthy spawn time. Again imagine how annoying it would be if you were trying to get the mount from that boss, only to constantly miss out on the spawn because a Dracthyr swooped at twice the speed you can fly with epic flying and snatched the kill right out from under you. Hell, it would be even worse if Soar is usable in locations where other players can’t fly, like the Thunder Isles or the Timeless Isle. Imagine the annoyance of getting an alert that a rare you need for a mount drop or achievement spawned only whoops, now its dead because a Dracthyr zoomed over there at 930% speed and iced it before you could get close.

This racial is going to cause a LOT of frustrations with players aren’t playing Dracthyr. Blizzard had to do ‘something’ and honestly? A 30% reduction is fine. You’re still faster than most players. If they’d had dropped it to or below 410% (which is epic flying speed) then that would be worthy of complaining.