So why is Stormwind allowed to occupy Durotar

A large army still stands in tiragade keep. Why is the Horde council blind here? It gives the humans easy Access for another invasion.


The game world is static and does not constantly update to represent a more sensible status quo.

You already know this. I don’t understand why you feel the need to make these posts.


Exploring Kalimdor didnt help in that regard.


The in-game world may not accurately reflect the current setting, but it’s as recent as Exploring Kalimdor that we learn that Alliance forces are still stationed at Tiragarde Keep and attempting to rebuild their fortifications.

In this regard, the game world accurately depicts the status of this Alliance incursion on Horde territory.

I’m of the opinion Tiragarde Keep should be dismantled and the Alliance soldiers sent home.


I’m in agreement.


Blizzard will always shove alliance supremacy down our throats this is not new at all.

Dude, you need a new hobby. You only get one life to spend, are you really gonna waste its finite time saying the same thing about a video game over and over?


I for one support your new Alliance overlords. In time, you will too.

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As soon as the Horde leaves all of Ashenvale.


Given the modern story-telling, Tiragarde has probably since been reduced to a glorified trading outpost and cultural exchange center, with any soldiers stationed there being fielded to fight Quilboar and Harpies to protect the Horde.

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Unless I’m seriously misremembering their lore… both of these groups, in the grander scheme because no race should be a pillar, could be pacified without needing to resort to a “Trimming the Grass” mindset.


No. It was always contested.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Horde canonically allows the Alliance to have a base near Orgrimmar for the next time they need the Alliance to save them.

Probably part of the peace negotiations.

Alliance: “Look, peace is fine. But every time we have to save you from yourselves, we have to come from half way around the world…”

Horde: “You, know, you are right. You guys should have a place close by, to make it easier for everyone.”


And Tirigarde Keep was always part of Durotar in WoW. So if the Horde isnt leaving Ashenvale then why should the Alliance do the same?


Kul tiras wasn’t alliance Back then just some Questmobs to kill but the treaty forces us to accept their presence without harming them. Last time I checked the Horde doesen’t have military fortress in Elwynn.

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And they are now. If the Horde isnt leaving Ashenvale there is no reason for them to leave Durotar.


Ashenvale was never the heartland of the alliance. Get rideof the idea that you have a right to world domination.

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It’s literally holy ground to the kaldorei

At least know the lore


Give us lumber first otherwise the camp stays Up. Gtfo btw Quel’thalas was holy ground too yet the high elves stayed. Hypocrite. They are still alliance to this day.

Azshara exists.