So why is Spawn of Krag'wa Mythic-Only?

(Maizou) #1

Title, TLDR at Bottom. (Minor story spoilers about the 6 main Zandalar Loa)

I was reading the dungeon Journal about the Council of Loa fight since 3 pets drop. For some reason NONE of them can drop in LFR, despite the fact even Mekkatorque’s mount can. (??? What Blizz? Even in MoP there were pets in LFR) Paku’s and Akunda’s pet can drop in Normal and Heroic…

However, then I realized that Krag’wa’s pet only drops in Mythic. Now, for those unfamiliar, the fight is simple in theory. You fight aspects of the Loa, AKA their most powerful follower (AKA Tyrande is the Aspect of Elune). Throughout the fight, after an Aspect is killed, one of the Loa is randomly selected to begin joining the fight at intervals to do their ability. In LFR and Normal, only Kimbul, Akunda, Paku, and Gonk are capable of being summoned, as they are the only Loa with Aspects.

(Krag’wa has no Aspects, as all of his followers were killed by Blood Trolls, as you learn during Horde questing, and although you recruit one for him, she wouldn’t be strong enough by then, and Bwonsamdi I assume doesn’t care enough to send one of his followers to protect Dazar’alor, or Rastakhan is his Aspect.)

However, in Heroic, Krag’wa is capable of being one of the Loa randomly selected to enter the fight. And Bwonsamdi is capable of being summoned in Mythic. (I assume they have a higher chance of being summoned, simply because otherwise what’s the point of heroic/mythic only mechanics?)

Anyway, this raises the question, in the TLDR form:

TLDR; If Krag’wa is capable of being summoned in Heroic, why doesn’t the Spawn of Krag’wa have a chance of dropping from Heroic or Higher? Why is it limited to only Mythic?

(Symbioserous) #2

This is nothing new, I believe the same thing happened in Panderia, where some pets did not drop in LFR.

They do it to make the rewards of doing harder content feel more exclusive, and also to add value to resale when put on the AH.

Just head back in their next xpac when the instance becomes soloable, if you havent lost interest by then.


I agree, mythic only blows. normal/heroic should have a shot at them. IMHO.

(Dyngdawng) #4

Yes but they all drop in all other difficulties, not just mythic. This one, i agree, is super annoying.

It is one thing to hide pets behind different types of content like raids or whatever, but this is 2nd only behind the ridiculous pvp pets at honor 400. Prob going to have to wait until next expansion to get it, i doubt it will be cheap on the AH. I havent raided mythic since MOP, and I dont plan on starting again.

(Zunde) #5

In pandaria the only pet that had a difficulty requirement was the viscous horror which only dropped on normal or above.

It’s crap that this pet is mythic only i suppose my wallet will be drained into the hands of some lucky raider who has no interest in pets


This is basically the key issue that many will be annoyed about. Most Mythic Raiders couldn’t care less about pets or collections. They might collect mounts of course due to mythic only mounts which is reasonable and fine to have. However when you put a Collection pet as Mythic only you basically exclude 98%+ of the actual community that do collect them.

So you have around 18 - 25% of the Player base who can obtain this pet and of those maybe less than 2% actually collect them so what you now have is a group of players who are going to hold the market for a pet because others can’t obtain it and that’s not a good idea at all as you are basically telling the collection community F… U…

There was a Kragwa on the AH that I noticed it was nice and cheap at 7,000,000 so yeah Blizzard thanks for that let the raiders who don’t need gold whatsoever hold the market over collectors and we all know that 99% of them will be A-hats and will just want gold gold gold and yes more gold…

GG blizzard how about you make a bonus for pet collecters that’s an achievement for 1050 total Unique pets that gives them 7,000,000 so they can by Kragwa seems fair…

(Laoghaire) #7

I don’t see the problem

Mythic raiders can get the pet now
Casuals can get the pet next expansion just like mythic xmogs and mounts

Mythic raiding isn’t even that difficult lol, it’s just time intensive. Guess I’ll dust off my DBM and collect $$$.

(Sorelai) #8

Mythic Guilds have costs. This allows them to offset those costs without always resorting to selling runs to other people.

(Maizou) #9

Except they still will sell runs to people.

The guild that just faction changed and spent thousands of dollars of WoW tokens literally admitted it only took 2 weeks of 8/8 Mythic Uldir clears to pay for.

Blizzard is openly allowing Mythic Raiders to extort casual players, and now they’re doing it with pet collectors too.

(Vertigineux) #10

All organised raiding guilds have costs. My guild is attempting heroic again tonight (8/9N, 1/9H after 9 hrs of raiding over 3 days, so we’re not soopr doopr HxC), and we’re gonna have some pretty hefty repair bills. And lots of food. And lots of potions. And fewer flasks than the other two consumables but we’re still gonna need 2 cauldrons for the night.

Are our expenses less than a mythic guild? It’s possible, maybe probable. But to use that as a reasoning for a mythic only pet is just silly.

(Sorelai) #11

Maybe but the developers have made a lot of illogical decisions over the years. More of them in the last few years.

The only way I’ll get any of them is to wait until the expansion after next or buy them off the auction house so…

(Maizou) #12

Again, my main issue is it makes zero sense that it’s Mythic only.

Krag’wa starts appearing during Heroic.

If the pet was Spawn of Bwonsamdi, I’d understand Mythic only, as Bwonsamdi is the Mythic-only Loa.

However, Krag’wa appears in Heroic as well.

Krag’wa being a Heroic AND Mythic pet would make more sense.

That said, Pa’ku and Akunda should also drop in LFR as well, as the Loa are also present during those as well.

(Sorelai) #13

Maybe its a bug. Wouldn’t be the only one. I reported bugs in BFA almost a year ago and they are still in the game.

(Quintessence) #14

Crossing my fingers this will be the case. We’ll find out in about 2 weeks (Feb. 12) when Wing 2 LFR of BoD is released.

(Maizou) #15

Blizzard’s blog post overview states they’re NOrmal and above only, and they arent in the dungeon journal for LFR either. :frowning:

I’m saying they SHOULD drop, but for some reason, they don’t. :confused:

Also, Council of Loa is gonna be horrible in LFR.

It’s such a cluster… of a fight. My guild finally cleared it last night.

There’s so much going on by the time you’re on the last aspect, you don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. You’ll have Paku coming down to mess you up with AoE damage, Kimbul coming down to jump on random party members and stun anyone in range that gets hit, and DoT them as well, Gonk coming down to summon raptors to nom people, Akunda coming down to electrify random people (doing massive AoE damage to anyone around them after X seconds) and spawn lightning balls all over the place, then you have whatever aspect is left also throwing out their special power too.

Then heroic gets Krag’wa coming to mess people up by jumping on people, then Mythic gets Bwonsamdi coming down cursing people and making them un-healable.

(Quintessence) #16

My hope is that this is just an oversight. The Enchanted Tiki Mask recipe comes from the King Rastakhan encounter, but it’s not listed on the loot table for any difficulty. (I even double-checked other enchanting recipes that come from dungeons/raids, and yes, they’re listed in the Adventure Guide from specific bosses.) So could be they just forgot to add the pets to the Adventure Guide LFR list.

Anyway, I agree. It would make sense to include the pet on the loot table if its associated loa appears during the fight. Child of Pa’ku and Thunder Lizard Runt should drop from LFR and up, and Spawn of Krag’wa should drop from Heroic and up. Not so much a matter of ‘this is what’s fair for N/H/M raiders’, but more like a lore/logic issue.

(In before, “But Blizzard doesn’t have to follow lore to the letter or be logical, it’s their game, they do what they want/feel is best!” :woman_shrugging: )

(Laoghaire) #17

lmao nice way of being overdramatic, it certainly fits the character

(Wariya) #18

I believe its for mythic raiders to make some gold off them.

Blizzard does not support selling carries you know

(Zunde) #19

I bought both pets from normal/heroic and Hogrus off a 410 Boe cloak i got during my groups run.

I’d drop a few hundred thousand on the frog

(Vespero) #20

I hate when non-gear drops like this are difficulty gated…