So.. why is fury bad for leveling?

I’m literally shredding npcs in tanaris, why is this spec considered bad for leveling??


Originally it was due to the major penalty to your chance to hit with your off hand. I remember hearing people talking about Fury being trash for leveling due to that because you’d be rage starved. For some strange reason however, that problem doesn’t seem to exist in Classic vs how it was in vanilla.

Not sure if that constitutes being a bug or working as intended. Anyone know if there is a similar thread discussing this topic we can look at for more info?


Another thing to consider is that the fury warrior has to constantly upgrade two weapons instead of one for arms.


That is true, but by SM, most Fury warriors are running with the Sword of Omen and Vanquisher’s, so it really wasn’t that hard to have good weaps…at earlier levels, sure

Lack of hit rating made people trash talk it, but it’s not really any different from being a combat rogue other than rage starve … which tbh I’ve never seen a fury war with rage issues using two 1h weapons

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Good point. Also, there is precedent for 2h fury being an excellent spec. I think Indalamar is the guy that put 2h fury on the map.


Fury 2h is the go to leveling spec until 40

Really?? I went Arms on mine. He’s only lvl 13 though atm so still time to change…gonna have to look into that :thinking:

Combat rogues get: 5% hit, 5 weapon skill from talents. Energy regens regardless of white hits.

Warriors get: 0% hit, no weapon skill from talents. Warrior needs hits to generate enough rage.

Please do not attempt to equate the two.


I leveled as fury in vanilla. I thought it was great.

I tanked as fury in classic too. Never once equipped a shield. Did just fine.

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He showed how broken warriors were in beta and got hired by Blizzard. They nerfed warriors before the design went live.

For me 2H fury was not worth it, arms felt immensely better after hitting 30 and getting SS. However that was early level talk. It could feel better now for me for all I know, but I really feel good as arms so I’m not really complaining.

Newp. 30 at best if even that. Once you get SS and even more once you get WW Arms just really lights up. It’s great for dungeon DPS for AoE and great for questing in open world. It’s usually more effective to pull two mobs at once than fight them one on one because of how SS and WW work together. And if you get windfury? Hold onto your hats, something is getting instagibbed.

I regret going 2H fury, glad I stopped at 30 instead of going to 40 like it’s advised.

Couple reasons. The main one is that at launch Bloodthirst did not exist so your only rage dump was heroic strike, which sucks.

The other, smaller one is that Whirlwind Axe is busted good when you can first get it, which gave people a skewed impression of how good Arms is at actually killing things.


i had a blast leveling as fury one time on a p server. it is good

Everyone over exaggerates.

Goes from “Fury is slightly less efficient than Arms” to “FURY IS TRASH AND IF U EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT PLAYING IT UR BAD”


why rely on obsolete anecdotes from the original game when the majority of the people who played it were incredibly bad

Fury isn’t bad in the slightest. It has a lot of really solid talents for increasing damage. Arms has mostly utility (Impale is also a trap until 60), which is really useful for PvP and tanking dungeons, but Fury has raw power. Even its first tier gives 5% crit.

Dual wielding isn’t the best idea as you will find yourself rage starved, but it’s doable. The bigger problem comes when you have Whirlwind as it only uses main hand weapon damage, which isn’t going to be near as much with a one hander. Bloodthirst is thankfully based on AP but having one of your main damage abilities do less damage isn’t a good idea.

It’s not, it simply isn’t optimal.

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My fury has been great.
-Not invested in 1 weapon type.
-Not invested entirely in a 2h.
-Extra healing to keep me going.
Only real loss is sweeping strikes, but I’m happy with all the gains I have over that.

well idk if this is related but a really old bug was discovered where as long as you have a heroic strike queued up the offhand hit penalty didn’t exist

That’s not a bug