So...who's coming back for Vanilla? Any Paradox?

I’m ready!

I didn’t make the thread with the right character… :roll_eyes:

Now that I think of it…this is the first time I’ve been able to post on this account on the forums since the Bloodshed days. They finally lifted my perma ban for making fun of that mod who banned like half of us back then lol.

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I’m looking for @Phyen and any of the old school HOTSAUCE folks!

Get ready boys…

Oh snap! Gregg!

[EPIC Heroes] Kogu

I’ll probably be back! Oh the nostalgia!

Was thinking about it. Let me see if I can con Revision, Noroth, and Taurma into returning.



Omg all these names. What a trip.

Aganathyre and I will definitely be playing. Not sure how hardcore we will be…but hopefully we can get a good sized group of us going.


I dunno if i can make myself play another priest through vanilla we’ll see, maybe I’ll do shaman and we can just mana tide the whole group through everything haha. Good to see you again Zulkin!

Haha! I’m considering warrior…but I’ll probably end up just playing Shaman again. Dreading the idea of walking everywhere. Ghost Wolf was so convenient.

You too, dude! Aga and I need to start organizing a discord or something so we can all catch up.

(You can only reply 3 times per character in your own thread? wtf)

ya discord sounds good, hopefully more folks will check in closer to launch. Cmon people you know you want to!

Hey pal dunno if you remember me, i was Valient i used to pvp with you guys and raid w Eye for an Eye and Ionnia any chance u still talk to Jab? trying to get a hold of you guys after i heard classic was re-releasing

Hummm Zulkin, it’s a name I’ve seen somewhere =)

I’ll be back as my warrior for classic

Badge,Badgge,Ragoroth,Blind, Fatalmistake. Months Behind, Renascent, Whiskey Brigade, Untergang, Heaven and Hell. On Illidian now for a few xpacs, in a classic guild for a few months now ready to hit the ground running. I recognize several people from the above guilds hi Elgro


no life wow classic hmmmmmm, sounds like a plan

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I’ll be on classic too but I really want to see Edgewalker / Jjivani / Cairnexus in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still have contact with Narajina too, I’ll reach out and see if he’s planning to play classic.

Hello Eredar,

Practitioner getting ready to make a come back. :slight_smile: