So...who's coming back for Vanilla? Any Paradox?

@phine - You read this?

What realm is everyone going?

Maybe Faerlina

Faerlina could be good for me!

we have an Eredar Social group and discord… were looking at Herod>Faerlina>Fairbanks as of now we have like 100 eredar ppl in the group coming back add me on battlenet if u want links MuRDeRa83#1543

Nethrac! Tom! Aganathyre! Where did you guys end up? Where is my Mulas?

Loirne? Shaukal? Yuya? Odie? Kozzmo!?

Does this thing have an @ function?

Bai - Bleeds - Tyler

Where did everyone end up rolling?

There’s a bunch of us on Stalagg Horde (I think the guild has 95 unique accounts?)

Out of nowhere, but were you able to track him down? Also, hi Kait!