So.... who is the Horde's new Warchief?

It’s Thrall right? After the funeral, that part was still kind of left up in the air. Though it definitely seems Blizz is implying that Thrall is the Warchief again.


No one, you dont need a warchief that is the horde of old

Who knows.


He will save us.


Not really. Saurfang was still in support of the idea of a Warchief. He admitted this when he was asked what kind of Warchief he would be, instead he responded saying that they deserved someone better than him.

So yeah… we still need one.


It’s Thrall right? After the funeral, that part was still kind of left up in the air. Though it definitely seems Blizz is implying that Thrall is the Warchief again.

Why… it’s…

Looks around, nervously

You! It’s you, good friend! Congratulations! Ignore the suspicious whispering behind your back, I’m sure it’s absolutely nothing and you will be 100% trusted as the new warchief of the Horde!

What? Why, yes, that chair is still a bit warm, isn’t it! It’s… uhhh… heated! Warchief perks! There’s so many of them!

Attempts to muffle the angry shouting from behind the front gate

We do hope you like it here!


Itll be Thrall or Baine. Most likely Thrall given Baine was in 0 full cinematic appearances.


This is a time of important introspection for the Horde. While Thrall, Baine, Lor’themar are likely candidates for the position, hasn’t it been proven that the position of warchief is…dangerous to the Horde? That maybe the faction should consider letting go of old traditions that are harmful to them?

Maybe the future of the Horde is one without a warchief?


Probably Thrall again.

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Welp, depends, who do we wanna kill next?
at this point, all the remaining horde leaders are alliance puppets.
this means… a council. So they all agree together to bend over for the alliance a bit harder


Speaking of which, I did like how he talked about the succession of Warchief. He said Thrall and Vol’jin weren’t Warchiefs in the succession of the original Horde but Sylvanas was Blackhand’s heir; apparently he looks at Garrosh as the kid that sits in the corner eating paste while he says he’s in charge.




A council of chieftains would be a bold and interesting move. I can see a lot of infighting that way, however.


It’s War Council time, lads!

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Decisions would probably be made more slowly, but I would think it would lead to less infighting, at least in the physical sense. You have faction leaders talking out their problems instead of fighting for authority and their principles.

Exactly. Thrall’s been everywhere ever since 8.2. Heck, Baine didn’t even show up to the battle, because he didn’t want to “relive the memories of the Siege of Orgrimmar.” Y’know, I’ve liked Baine for a while, but that’s just pathetic.

I don’t think so. The position of Warchief is a good one when in the right hands. Now, I don’t think we’ll ever see another Horde civil war again.

That’s a reasonable stance to take, and I imagine Blizzard agrees with you.

I thought it was Ji who didn’t want to relive the siege. Baine is just injured and Ji’s looking after him.


I absolutely loved that part. There’s nothing else to add, it was just great.

Oh. Well, either way it still speaks volumes about who is getting the most attention, and if Vol’jin was any learning experience… lots of attention = Warchief.

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It’s you, champion. It’s always been you. Hail the new Warchief.