So when the FFIXV fad dies down

So you are saying women who runs lots of them brothels are sexist and misogynistic?

I’ve never heard that before. But I guess It’s possible some crazy Interaction like that took place.

There’s nothing wrong with that. They are entertainers. Who care if they have a PhD as long as they are enjoyable to watch there always an audience

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They didn’t listen to them in the first place. That’s kind of why they got mad and all left around the same time. They got sick of hyping up the next patch and the next expansion just for it to fall flat and get mocked by their fans.

Their concerns were ignored and not heard. Problem is for Blizzard, people who don’t regularly watch streamers yet share similar views also took this as a middle finger they weren’t getting what they wanted.

If you want to talk about ego maniacs, you should really be pointing that at the developers who can’t climb off their high horses for 10 seconds and engage the public about how they should move the game because the p(l)ayers are too stupid to understand the nuances of game design. In fact, you really see it there. Game going to hell and people complaining about things? The developers blame streamers, trolls, and their own players for why they screwed up.

Want to know what a developer said regarding Torghast being a massive thud? He said it was the fault of the BETA TESTERS “not reporting enough on the bad elements of Torghast.” As someone who was testing Shadowlands extensively, this is a flat out lie. Torghast was changed from what it was supposed to be seemingly every damn week with a new design behind it. One week it’s about getting as far as you can because that’s a great vault reward. The next it’s no longer got a time limit and instead about just doing a set of floors for a static reward, but Endless Torghast is for people who really want to meme around and have fun.

Then beta shuts down, they change Torghast AGAIN with ZERO testing. Endless Torghast gets cut for some reason despite being what made Torghast interesting.

Yeah no, this is the same crap they pulled in BFA when they said “they weren’t getting helpful feedback on the forums” because they fricken DELETED THE FORUMS instead of listening to testers pointing out very clear flaws in the game design that could have been rectified that they later decided to patch into the game like a currency for Azerite Gear pieces you wanted instead of it being solely RNG because they weren’t receptive to the idea of just allowing Azerite gear to drop in m+.


It seems very possible to me that this Is the truth about the dev people. Considering the experience for regular players right now Is empty compared to even 8.3.

this idiot, And by the way it has more post than another LGBT SPAM THREAD

It is one of the few examples that are looking for Blizzard to be supposedly tolerant of the whole family at stake that we are all veterans, and most of the new generation is waiting for some new Battle Royale or the new skin of some LoL character.

And if not enough, Blizzard will seek to hide more things that it denies about the dark past that we saw in this month of its scandal.

It may be that an WoW NPC and an Overwatch character will be banned for some reference to the scandal, but that is the beginning of the end if Blizzard seeks to censor anything that does not affect reality or senseless offense that does not come within the network like the /spit emote.

And with the lack of Skimpys armors from the TBC and MoP, a World of WARCRAFT without a real content of faction war themes that does not come in BG’s and the cowardice of leaving a stronger side as it was from the War of Thorns or Plaguelands , while Final Fantasy gives you a lore at the bottom of the letters WITHOUT USING ANY CRISTHIE GOLDEN BOOK TO UNDERSTAND THE LORE AND EVERYTHING IS SEEN IN THE VIDEO GAME.

We will see that Blizzard does not rise again with a WoW success, and has finally found its WoWkiller that will undoubtedly be FFXIV but openly opens up to a ridiculous uncensored creativity.

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I do.

Eh. Leave them. They’ve moved on. There are plenty of remaining streamers and youtubers to keep you occupied. Here are a few:

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It’s not possible, it’s the reality of the situation. The developers of this game literally see themselves as doing no wrong. Every single thing that’s gone wrong this expansion the developers have blamed on other people or some external factor.

Content Delivery too slow? Pandemic excuse, despite every single one of their competitors, and people in similar industries not competing getting back on track after a month or two and the bulk of lockdowns occurring during Shadowlands alpha and beta testing, not 9.1 development theoretically.

Torghast sucks because all depth was cut, and was made integral to your progression? The fault of the testers.

Clear problems with how the legendary system here is set up that it encourages people to drop groups in dungeon finder after the one boss that drops their memory? Well, we told them on the beta forums, they just chose not to read them and were blindsided that this could happen despite on beta numerous threads warning them of this exact thing happening left unchecked.

Upset that you pay 15 dollars a month for a game that openly admitted a few weeks ago has “zero development presently being done on the game as a result of the investigation?” Well, “you’re part of the problem.” Not the developers that couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and got them into this mess.


Yeah that makes you kinda cringe then.

So be it.

I agree with dangerous creativity. I also agree with NOT censoring everything. I’m not three years old. And I’m also not a mormon. I can only hope the problem at HQ are overstated and not as big of a dragon as folks tell of.


Don’t forget this guy…

but the problem Blizzard instead of keeping those who remain, should see the moment to return them back to those who abandoned them.

Because Carbot for this video is not funny that he lets the company patent it and I’m afraid he will abandon us with some WoW video.

Yes, when the Heroic dungeons came out In SL. I would que up and the tanks would just leave. Because of the legendary. So everything you are saying Is making sense to me.

It’s a scary thought. When you Imagine a leadership team that uses their power to overrule the feedback from those who actually play the game.

If anything, I fear they might be understated. If we’re talking with regards to the California lawsuit, it can get much worse. Plaintiffs don’t usually tell you every single bit of evidence they have on you in their letter of intent. They give a brief bit, kind of hint they can back the claim up in court and leave it there. Actual evidence will be dropped in court that will probably make it a lot more damning.

As for the developers. . . well you have had one guy that isn’t a developer but represents the company publicly refer to Asmongold as an “a-hole” over twitter in response to a tweet from some literal who gender expert furry trying to encourage the XIV community to harass Asmongold off the game.

You had the other one a couple days ago that was retweeting something that was insulting a number of streamers who left.

There was the one that was involved briefly in the Mr. GM vs Pyromancer drama that was cheering him on for insulting Pyromancer then backed out when people pointed out they were cheering on a guy who was poking fun at presumed mental illnesses of a guy because he had a meltdown. Not a good look to signal boost someone who literally refers to stressed fans that quit as mentally ill.

Numerous other Blizzard employees privating their accounts after getting into heated exchanges with pissed off fans that they didn’t respond reasonably toward and made matters worse.

World of Warcraft rose to prominence by a perfect storm of events. WoW is also going to be ripped apart by another perfect storm of events.


FF has been around for a 8years really wouldn’t call that a fad. As well it sounds awfully like how EQ people talked about WoW.

However if people do come back which I’m sure some if not all of them do they really should be welcomed back. WoW isn’t really getting the players in droves anymore and losing the advertisement from the people is hurting more than people are willing to accept.

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i think its comical that you list a bunch of content creators who are “still playing the game”, yet half of those are uploading videos making fun of how bad the game, and some havent posted a video for over a month rofl

just goes to show you, the game is actually dying.

absolutely dead.


And then so shall It be. Or perhaps a cocoon for a new, unknown butterfly to grow.

I’ve been playing since 2018 and trust me, I couldn’t avoid learning about streamers. And while It’s In poor taste to call out popular people from across another website. Perhaps Asmongold Is an a-hole. I do remember him trying to get rid of my Vulpera from the game. Intolerant and racist. These things are true. But I don’t think he should be silenced. Just Ignored.

Dies down?

Unless Blizzard pulls a rabbit out of the hat here, nothing is going to bring players back in droves.

I’d be particularly surprised if they could pull it off with ze lawsuit still in the background.

Ah yes, the days when “WoW would never go anywhere with those graphics, it’s so cartoony who would find that appealing?!” Except now instead of “cartoony” we insert “weeb.”

It really is kind of mirroring the whole 2003-2004 EverQuest decline that led to WoW’s rise amusingly enough. EverQuest’s team managed the game into the dirt, influential people in the community got pissed off and started pushing a different game. Their games were basically dead the second WoW launched with the playerbases of EQ, DAOC, Shadowbane and UO citing the game would be dead in a month and they’d come crawling back any minute now. Hell, you even have the mirror of the developers basically yelling “Go on, we don’t need you anyway!” to two of their most influential players who led a massive exodus to WoW.

WoW is being managed into the dirt, influential people have left, a lot of players have left for what they see as greener pastures. The fact people who “will be back in a week, trust me guys” haven’t come back and are now in love with the game is making some people second guess if sticking with WoW was the right move.

Between all the cope, bargaining, shifting goalposts of when all the content creators are coming back, the fact content creators matter but apparently don’t but apparently now do based solely on what action they last took, and present buyer’s remorse on these forums from people who are starting to realize they are backing the losing horse and ultimately the white knighting in double time, yeah this is really beginning to look like the EQ forums the month of WoW launch.