So when is the Diamond Flask getting fixed?

Wrong again

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About what? The threat, or the heal? I know it increases the heal. I would assume that heal also generates threat, as most heals do. The threat I’m not entirely sure about though.

But this is an item that scales with +healing that shouldn’t.

Ya I’m not infavor of the instance lock out, paladins can also solo DM:E lashers or crystal farms.

Diamond flask is such a minor issue, why do you care about it. I KNOW HOW IT WORKS I HAVE A FLASK SET.

Why do you care that your raid MT is getting a 1 min heal with some threat attached. BTW it sure as hell isnt the reason DPS are able to go ham, flasks are minor in grand scheme of a warriors threat.


I don’t. I’m just wondering why Blizzard doesn’t hold a reliable stance against exploits.

So whats the exploit?

It working 100% as it was intended. You keep saying its an exploit but nothing is exploiting anything. Its meant to heal and yes healing generates threat. Both are intended. I just cant see why you are mad a tank might be able to do a better job tanking.

has to be PvP related


Because this one has TBC patch notes, that specificly mention the item being changed in TBC.

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Blizzard tried to remove scaling from self-heal items in vanilla. If they missed Diamond Flask, that wasn’t a problem until players started exploiting that fact. I find it rather insulting that Blizzard is inconsistent with trying to stop, “exploits”.

Instance farming as it worked in vanilla was changed in the last day or two because of players, “exploiting” it. So if they do that, they should change this too.


Is it because they missed it in 1.7, which is the patch referenced?

Either way, I did mistake you for another Dwarf Paladin I think so my bad.

I don’t know, people are mad at others for being able to farm gold and items more efficiently from dungeons all of a sudden.

I think there’s going to be a targetted effort to destroy everyone’s fun for awhile.

The word exploit is going to be thrown around pretty freely the next few weeks…


Thats a big if. Everything ive seen from blizzard is “working as intended.”

OP said it was added in 1.8 tho…

As I said, they just changed how instance lockouts worked in vanilla specifically because of players, “exploiting” that system in Classic. That’s no different than the flask.

Well the flask isnt an exploit is why


It’s a clever use of game mechanics that blizz would have patched already if it were an exploit. It is not an exploit therefore working as intended.

Okay but one is killing the games economy, and the other is effecting… Nothing?

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Uh… it is if it’s being abused in a way that largely wasn’t in vanilla. Players farming instance lockouts with the 5 per hour limit wasn’t an exploit until Blizzard said it was too.

So was the instance farming.

Well that’s your flawed opinion because according to blizzards official opinion;


Well its making tanks have a little more threat on Vael

Life altering

Actually, the flask trivializes several raid fights that should be much more difficult or slower due to both the healing and the threat gain.

It’s allowing raid teams to clear content faster than intended and removing threat management as something that needs to be done in the raid environment.

Since it’s effectively removing a general raid mechanic, it’s an exploit.


Blizzard needs to be consistent with their heavy handed application of changes to try and stop, “exploitation”.

See above.

Also, weird that Blizzard seems to refuse to fix things that aren’t accurate to vanilla, but for Warriors they’re willing to leave powerful bugs in because it’s, “working as intended”.