So what's up with all the portal hopping in this game?

I’m a Death Knight in Bastion, and I want to get back to Oribos. What’s my quickest path?

Death Gate to the Ebon Hold in Legion from anywhere (loading screen),
Take the Portal to Dalaran right beside me (loading screen),
Fly over the wall and take the Portal to Orgrimmar (loading screen),
Take the Portal to Oribos right beside me (loading screen).

Thank goodness for an SSD otherwise it might just be slower than the flight path. Still seems weird that this is even a thing though.

Dalaran, or Garrison Hearthstone with a Mage Tower to Ashran is similar but on a longer cooldown.

Why were all the extra portals in Dalaran removed, when it made things take less hops at least?

There’s more, like getting to Orgrimmar from Undercity is best done by going to the portal to Hellfire Peninsula, then taking the portal to Orgrimmar. Or to get to the Undercity from Orgrimmar if you’re in the portal room might just be faster to go to Silvermoon, then take the Translocation Orb to Tirisfal.

Getting so convoluted these days. Just wondering if this was something they’re aiming for specifically for some reason? Do they want us to do this? Would it be a problem to just have a single portal that we could click on, and then select which major destination we’d like to travel to (provided we’ve unlocked it on the character?) 1 in the Ebon Hold, 1 in Dalaran, 1 in every Capital, all leading to one another and the Expansion Packs? It’s already doable for the most part (RIP, Thunder Bluff), just extremely tedious.

I just don’t understand or see the value in witnessing 4 loading to screens as opposed to 1 (or 2).


Pay no attention to the expansion pack Blizzard crafted.


Blizzard also put portals into the game so you can adventure on rails and at the same time totally and completely miss the so-called Expansion they crafted along the way!

And do please ALWAYS remember, the Players are at fault for Blizzard’s mistakes!


Imagine the City of Mages retaining all their portals like a city of mages would do.


Blizzard: “Game can’t get shoehorned into portal fest if we let a little thing like the Lore get in the way!”

Engineering Wormholes. Best thing ever.

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And then rub our noses in the climax of the Venthyr battlefront event.
Four portals for one miniboss?

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Use your Oribos Hearthstone :slight_smile: … oh wait

This gave me an idea, what if there were a portal room :open_mouth: NO! Not like the ones in Org and Stormwind but a room that transcends time and space (to get around the limitations of having portals in the physical realm like Org and SW) that was created by [idk insert khadgar jailer tools or whatever you want to makeup]. If it had a short CD like 1m (Like the Druid class hall port) it could replace all future portal requirements (just add another one to the infinite portal expanse) and reduce the portal hopping “problem”.

I’ve suggested this a few years ago

but I like my new infinite portal expanse idea more now :laughing:

Oh no!!! A new patch comes out and we rearrange the portals again!

At the same time. Oh no fishing is reset back to zero yet again.

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It’s cause someone actually ran the math and found that if they make travel like that - it would result in a “time spent in game” metric increase by about 6 minutes per player per month.
Multiply that by average number of players in game on a month.

Add it up.

Put that new increase “time spent in game” metric in front of investors to show how much better the game is doing.

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Hearth to covenant → portal to Oribos

Or just take a 1 minute flight path from Bastion to Oribos.

You’re over complicating it.


I kinda wish they had a portal to your covenant in Oribos too after you’ve upgraded the travel network.


True, that would be nice.

That’s not how it works, can’t be liking a suggestion, it’ll never happen if you like it!

Have to say you’re happy there isn’t one. You’d hate the travel network to add convenience. A direct line would impact your immersion.

Next patch it would be in the game.

because the there were not enough mages with enough mana willing to keep the portal open 24/7

they have to rest too. they also don’t get payed enough. they make more gold selling ice cream and buying wow tokens

they had to down size the number of portals that were open so they could rotate their staff on a more reasonable 6-8 hour shift, 5 days a week vs the previous 12-18 hour shifts 7 days a week.

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I didn’t actually have the portal at the time and didn’t even know it existed :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, just trying to make a point that there’s too many loading screens for no good reason in this game. Created as a result of many decisions that didn’t really consider this result perhaps, but w/e, it’s getting more annoying with each expansion.

Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands

Edit: If you’re Necrolord, you now also have diet bubble hearth

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