Stop removing portals

Also this, we are just the people who visit forums, wait until the rest of the playerbase sees their portals missing lol.

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The Orgrimmar portal room looks tiny, like they were running out of room in a room they created out of nothing, and arguably goes into the mountain side where nothing else exists and thus could be much grander in scale.

Also, it has an opening showing night sky & moonlight, where no such opening on the exterior exists, and its always sun/daylight anyway. Makes absolutely no sense.

Tons more, I sure.
I dont have a single pathfinder. I refuse to do them. So having a direct way to get to those WoD dungeons and raids would keep me busy for weeks.
I had a fist weapon drop in one of the WoD raids, I think it was. God it is SOO much better on my one DH than those ridiculous looking glaives are.
Probably not going back any time soon, which sucks because I think WoD raids and dungeons are second only behind MoP.

Highmaul, off Bladefist presumably?

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But that only benefits the players who are farming dungeons and raids, and players inside instances don’t do anything to make the world “feel alive”, which is one of their excuses for this change. A robust portal network benefits everyone, including those players who are out farming old mats for alts or for transmog, questing old zones for Loremaster, or doing whatever else it is they feel like doing in the world.

Not that I’m saying your idea of an NPC who sends us to instances is a bad one. It’s actually a very good one, and could exist side by side with a robust portal network involving each old expansion hub having a portal room and a “dungeon concierge” who can arrange transport to any old instance.

You know I was just looking at the video and I understood the space concerns issue that was brought up earlier. I wonder what it will look like 10 years from now. Anyways I was thinking they could make them like the mole machines I mentioned earlier. Instead of 1 portal to Thunder Bluff, 1 to Caverns of Time, 1 to Org there could just be a Kalimdor portal and when you click it you have the option of where to go. That would reduce the total # of portals they need and at least somewhat prevent them from needing to make entirely new portals in the future, they can just add the option to the existing portal.

Difficulty is irrelevant to the equation. Time and convenience to access a dead unused world are the considerations. I will likely do the same thing I do with my chase for the Rivendare mount…quit doing it due to the inconvenience of getting there without a DeathKnight. It is certainly not “difficult” to fly there. But the flight itself is boring with nothing to do on the way there. So, I just don’t go. I log off. Which is pretty much my state of play lately. I don’t.


They somehow managed to make alliance portal room more annoying than it already is. Enjoy traversing this extra long hallway full of nothing by foot to get out the door, where you can finally mount again! It’s twice the distance as the current portal area at the top of the tower. Doesn’t that make the world feel bigger? Don’t you like that?


With the current portal system people click them and they are sent to their location and they mount up and fly to where they want to go. The difference between my system and the current one is you seeing people flying through the air. Also there would be nothing to stop players from say using the Outlands portal and going to Ramparts then running out of the instance to farm Fel Iron Ore or come to the defense of Thrallmar when it’s under attack by Alliance.

I understand the concern though, removing travel from players may affect impromptu world interaction.

omg yes. THOSE.
Those are SOOOO much better.

What do you mean, like there’s a window? Hmm, i just re-watched the video and didn’t see that. At 0:53, the camera turns to look back at the way they came in, is all I could see for an outward-looking view.

Im not on the PTR personally so I have no idea about the distances.
Doesnt surprise me at all that they put it way over in the wizards tower…both because it makes sense to be there…and its conveniently inconvenient to run over there.

I actually have two Bnet accounts with multiple accounts merged to them because I’m an altoholic and enjoy playing the “whole” game, not just current content. By removing the portals and forcing me to take longer to get to areas is definitely going to curtail my alts, plus, I’m actually contemplating quitting the game that I have played since 2005. Not a problem for me to leave because I haven’t even logged in for the last two weeks anyway. Just taking my money to spend it somewhere else.


She still at the bar in lower city. The same place as Haris Pilton. I think you need Honored to ask her to port you. But it might be revered.

I like they way they look when armed, but I don’t like how they look when sheathed. Can’t remember if they disappear altogether or are sitting at your waist, but the sheathed look is why I don’t use the xmog of those.

hmm character customization idea

Oh, wow, they certainly did. Run up the ramp in the mage tower, go into a room as big as the entire Horde portal room from the looks of it, run through that purely decorative space, find the portals spread across two areas roughly the size of the Horde portal room.

The Alliance portal room is certainly beautiful, I’ll give them that, but it was not designed to let us get efficiently from place to place. And if we go by the Horde version, which doesn’t appear to have much room to expand, I suspect we’re going to hear that “no new portals going forward is where we’re at now,” much the way we heard about flying in WoD.


Log onto PTR, go to the center of the portal room, and look straight up. You’ll see an opening like what the beastrider hut in WC3 looks like, and you’ll see night sky and moonlight beyond that. But it’s sunny outside!

Why is this such a big deal… and consequently, such a long thread?

This design makes me think of some of the order halls, where there were long, annoying stretches to traverse on foot, but at least you got that 20% run speed buff (unless the duration expired).

As it stands now, it takes the entire duration of Aspect of the Cheetah to get outside from the spawn point at the top of the tower. Sprint probably gets you there with duration to spare now, but I bet even Rogues and Druids will be hard pressed to make it all the way outside with the extra corridor.

Conversely, with the Horde one, there’s very little superfluous space. A short ramp gets you in/out, and you can probably get all the way down there from the outside while still on a flying mount, or at least falling/gliding most of the rest of the distance once it poofs. I like that. Too bad the rooms are too small to actually house all of the portals…