So what spec "just works?"

What do I mean by this? I mean a spec that works like how classes used to prior to all the “innovation” of the past few years.

Fun, fast, fluid, can solo like a monster, constant uptime, not dependent on cds, has very little “upkeep” abilities (ESPECIALLY not gcd locked ones).

ONLY one I can think of currently is fury, and that has been since bfa dropped.

outlaw used to qualify back in legion, but there are at least three gcd-locked upkeep abilities now, and energy starvation is possible.

So what ones qualify?

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BM Hunter is fun and powerful!

And I’ll always love MM, but the rotation is still somewhat clunky (even with the death of Hunter’s Mark) and I often feel focus-starved with the changes to the Master Marksman talent.

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BM hunter.


BM hunters are the heart and soul of WoW.


Afflock is getting there.

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Definitely BM.

Here. Try this.


SV hunter :smiley:

This isn’t how I remember pretty much any spec lol.


three buttons cycled into carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t my idea of a good spec.

I LOVED wod bm, and it was the best class in the game in all respects, but those days are over.

I think mm kind of gets back to what made wod hunter fun, but it does jack for damage and it is made of paper.

you were probably multiboxing when we were having fun

That would be tough considering I’ve never multi-boxed in my life.

Seriously though I’m having a hard time thinking of pretty much any spec outside of maybe a 5.4 destro lock that ticks all these boxes.

Fun and BM are two words that have never gone together in 16 years of WoW.

Isn’t that the duck insurance :duck:

how sure are you? it felt like a mess last I tried it, and bm just blows it out of the water with damage pre-9.01

I’d stick with BM.

You seem to want a very simple OP class.

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How did I not ignore you by now?

I dunno.

I figured you’d have ignored a ton of people that would have the audacity to not agree with every whim you have.

I mean, look at this thread. Someone cordially disagreed and the first thing you did was go after them personally.


If you want fast, fun, and fluid you should try WW Monk. But if you’re looking for good dps maybe look elsewhere…

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there’s another class that got ruined with legion and made worse with bfa.

I mean, classic is there?

I don’t know if there was ever a time in wow less fun than vanilla, maybe outside of launch cata.