So what spec "just works?"

When were you having fun? And with what spec? We cannot read your mind, unfortunately, so you will have to be more specific with what you’re looking for if you want good suggestions.

OP needs to look in the mirror more often lol.

It ain’t FDK

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At least it ended the jump -> chi torpedo abomination from WoD. Gah that was so bad.

The best class in wow game is the Warrior, becuase of the filosofy behind it:

1-Se a thing
2-Hit him until it’s dead.

So simple yet so perfect.

Cant go wrong with BM hunter

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you forgot a step… stand in fire

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Oh, I only played dh fr farming allied race rep and getting aotc this expansion. I don’t like blood elves very much.

I DO like how havoc feels like how combat used to.

so you only like classes that are 6 buttons and broken in damage that you can solo a dungeon meant for 5 people?

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I am by no means a Warlock main so take this with a grain of salt if you are but I find Affliction Warlock to be pretty interesting in the pre-patch right now.

I want classes that are:

BM Hunter or Vengeance Demon Hunter, then get whatever talents icey-veins recommends for single target. Since the level squish happened and corruptions disappeared, you probably want to get all the gems and enchants back on.

My fights for either of these classes are usually 123455 123123 123455 on my left hand action bar. Then I have my right hand on my mouse maybe clicking bigger cd things like sigils, aspects, blasty things, healy things, wrath, interrupts while I’m 12345’ing on my left hand.

Before level squish, my ilevel 450 vengeance dh could solo world raid bosses and beat them down ever so slowly without ever going below 90% health. Could also solo normal dungeons except the lord stormsong guy (none of the tricks to avoid mindcontrolled worked for me.)

BM Hunter could also solo the world raid bosses before level squish, and kill them faster, and curbstomp normal dungeons solo. I had to feign death on lord stormsong and let my hatis beat him down to 1%, then jump up and blast him to get past that one. (Hatis had some damage mitigation and self-healing and were at 1% or dead the same time lord stormsong was at 1%.) That was an ilevel 445 or so BM hunter.

My kid thinks the 12345ing is boring as hell, but these two specs do ‘just work’. I haven’t tried much since level squish because they’re as geared as solo’ers can be at ilevel 104. But my ilevel 83 fury warrior’s dying 3 times a day while I try to gear it up now…

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is it better than in bfa? because that was a mess.

All of them. Press button, ability is used, ta da. They all just work.

The core rotation of ret has remained the same since cataclysm. Kind of a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” deal we got goin on.

Everyone is saying BM when the guy asked for classes without upkeep abilities and BM literally has 2-3 upkeep skills lol.

I really enjoyed mut as a spec that just felt good to play casually, but I believe with the prepatch it’s gone downhill a bit. Not supposed to be good in SL.

I don’t feel the execution or damage or survivability is there with ret anymore.

“Just Works” reminds me of Todd Howard and Fallout 76. The horror!

TBH I think he is just asking for the latest low skill floor OP dps spec.

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Assuming by execution you mean rotation, it’s been exactly the same for 11 years and I don’t think a single ret paladin is interested in having it changed. It’s simple and they’ve added a few extra buttons that are pretty nice, Wake and Final Reckoning are really nice additions. Our damage has been middle of the pack for the whole time, with really strong burst windows. I don’t know what other class can really compare to that that hasn’t been bad at some point. Our survivability is pretty amazing actually unless you’re only counting inside of arenas where it’s pretty awful considering it all comes from healing.