So what is the plan?

Blizzard already created their “fix” for this problem. It is called “war mode”. You can turn off world PVP when you want to level, then turn it on when you want to PVP. Isn’t that a perfect fix?

But that fix is in BFA. It was not back in Vanilla. By choosing Classic, players are choosing a “before all the fixes” version of WoW. That was widely advertised. I am sure that no player thought Classic was a “brand new game”.

So the plan is that there is no plan. Vanilla wasn’t perfect, so Classic is not either.

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they’ll probably wait to see how BGs change the situation before commenting on it.

Ah, so keep the subs dropping and watch the game die. I look forward to the end


no, just people leaving who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

So you mean Alliance shouldn’t be on PvP servers? Cool.


Impressive amount of wpvp excited to see ther next 3 weeks

That’s far too logical of a sarcastic response but you’ll just get troll after troll on these forums. They either play horde or like to suffer. My friends and our guild of about 70 are waiting to see if bgs fix it (we play on a very large server) but If it still is unplayable outside of instances I believe most of us will be done (me and the fiancée for sure).

The real problem is the sheer size of the servers now. The world isn’t big enough for this many players on each side. It’s crazy how ANYWHERE I go there’s horde ganking the town/ flypoint. And i really mean anywhere.

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I have a 58 alliance toon… I second this lol. Should’ve been 60 but a lot of people just can’t quest, and nobody wants to go to an instance bc of the sheer ganking/time it takes to get there… luckily I also have 60 horde and this guy :stuck_out_tongue:

The only plan they could have that would have any success would be to add guards the strength of silithus guards or stronger everywhere, in large numbers. That way gankers could still gank but they’d eat a repair bill doing it.

Much more likely they would do something like that because there is no way they would actually make the smart choice and put server caps back down to vanilla levels.

Yeah… I can’t see them making adjustments to server cap, sadly. I think it wouldn’t have been so bad if they were stricter of faction balance… at least give the minority faction a chance to fight back.

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Well, the original design for Classic revolved around a massive decrease in subs after the first “rose-colored goggles” period of launch.

So I don’t understand why people think Blizzard is/should do something besides bump up the release date of BGs to mitigate the effects of P2. This is what they planned for.

BTW, they are actually advertising Classic currently. I’ve seen a couple of ads in non-gaming-related places, such as online news magazines.

I think its great, I only wish they delayed it a couple weeks… Some servers are over populated but for the most part having honor is great. Hopefully I can hit 60 in the next week.

so you want the game to die?

must be a private server player - this mentality is toxic for the health of the game.

It cracks me up how people are looking for a response from blizz saying something like “oh we are soo sorry” when traditionally this is the mentality they have had towards pvp on a pvp server (which I 00% agree with btw)

Here have some reading material from a Blizz community manager during the panda expansion

Community Manager

This is going to sound weird, and while I do empathize with the frustration that’s being expressed in this thread, this conversation still warms the cockles of my black little heart.

Why? Because for too long there was very little distinction between playing on a PvE realm and playing on a PvP realm. We had inadvertently created a situation where there was little risk when leveling in the world on a PvP realm. The experiences were, for all practical purposes, virtually identical, but that wasn’t what we had in mind.

Life on a PvP realm can be nasty, brutish and short. Justice is in very short supply. Every action you take in the world carries with it an added level of risk, from questing, to hunting down profession materials, to simply traveling from place to place. You can be attacked at any time, sometimes by an overwhelming force. Of course, the shoe can also be on the other foot, and you’ll be able to turn the tables on your attacker, or find clever ways to delay them or escape from them. Some will become roaming slayers, seeking out enemies to destroy.

In short, the experience on a PvP server is different. We want it to be different, and that includes everything from honorable conflict on the field of battle to horribly despicable ganking. It’s all part of the fabric that makes a PvP server what it is .

Let the blood be spilled ."


PvP server = PvP, PvE server = PvE

Man is everyone drinking lead water these days? How can you be so stupid?

If you’re going to cry about pvp, change servers

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BA bye retail tourist. #NOCHANGES

Id just like to thank you for fishing up this post. Ill be sure to quote it in the very near future.

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where are you going? did the game die off already? huh?

I am not going anywhere, that was in response to the dude saying that it is losing subs because of phase 2…but I guess reading the hole thing to get the context of it all is a bit to hard.

Actually that existed in classic. They are called normal servers. You turn war mode on by typing /pvp and then you turn it off in a friendly area by typing the same.

Blizzard took away choice in BFA with war mode as there are no longer pvp servers where everyone is force flagged on contested areas.

So the OP is welcome to roll on a normal server (that is Blizzards term for a PVE server) and then he can opt in and out of pvp.