So was that checkmate?

So for months on end Ive been on here debating, arguing, having fun and not so fun discussions. I’ve been called many things. I have had suspensions from weak minded individuals that have to report because things weren’t going their way.

I see certain pvp organizations complain horde makes thread after thread about them. I see them defend how they abuse a system. I’ve said time and time again I actually don’t mind the zerg. I love having opposition tbh. But I dislike lag that is caused by this opposition. They say it’s blizzards fault for bad servers. I agree with this. But if horde mounts an offense in a certain zone that they pretty much can only win in we are at fault for crashing the servers.

Now this is the part I’ve never understood. They want to act like the big dog on campus now because they run these shard hoping zerg fests. But any mention of it or them. Or if we do make a force to fight back it’s our fault. I’ve said this before also. They want the pvp without the last p in it. They might as well just attack npc for their honor and go back to wm off like they do at this point.

So many asked a question to a certain individual that before my question has never had a problem with replying to me. Quoting things I say. For months on end has been right there sniffing my butt on every word. But when I ask this question he has yet to reply. I said his silence speaks volumes. I’ve been told by the others in the community maybe he is sleeping. Or hear me out on this. Maybe he is afraid to out his organization on their ways of manipulation? See it seemed like an easy answer to me. I’ve seen him say it’s not manipulation or cheating in anyway. But he can’t tell me how? Seems kinda odd.

So here I am days later. Pondering this. And I do believe I can say this is check and mate. Ty :slight_smile:


he probably just doesnt think you will take the conversation seriously. So, no. It’s not a check and mate.

Another obnoxious post by yours truly papabear himself.


Nah it is. But ty for your replies. Atleast u could muster up enough to respond.

And did i upset u lil devil? Aww lol. Something about dh’s whining brings me joy

d e l u s i o n a l

I don’t even know who u are warrior. Move on. Lol

Ps- get
a better weapon

hey i am just giving you my perspective.

check out the trinket

Ok one second I’ll look.

Looked which one? And your point on it?

i dont need a better wep. If u want proof we could 1v1 :slight_smile:

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Proof of what? And sure I’ll 1v1.

aight tomorrow at uldum ill pst u 100% chance ill win


Great what time? PST. I’ll do my best to be on. And glad u will 100% win lol.

wfm so im open

Well I’m not home until tomorrow sometime anyways. And I don’t have access to a computer tonight. But yeh just find me when I’m on. And I just realized u said 100% chance. Lmao. What an oxymoron

I have you on ignore because it’s boring and pointless to try and argue with you, as we can clearly see with all of these threads you constantly create striving for attention. Ignored, reported and moving on.

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Lol I’m sure bye bye loser. Check and mate.

Ps-just checked and I have a total of 13 topics ever created and only 11 on this part of forum. Lol.

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[quote=“Ogpapabear-stormscale, post:6, topic:596034”]
a better weapon

Tonight on American top model! Check out those pants. Who will win the coveted bis items. /dramatic music :notes:


Oh! Whould it be ok if I come and watch? Maybe throw a hammer at the winner :smiley:?


Sure lol. I need to get home first.

I’m still adulting atm :sweat_smile:.