So the darkshore warfront, can we do it now? or do we have to wait?

(Ellthea) #1

as the title asks, im a bit confused.

(Dvis) #2

As I understand it, Alliance will be working toward the instance first, so I guess that means it will be in Horde control.

In other words, Alliance will get first crack at the instance & rewards.

(Asana) #3

It’ll immediately be available and start on its own cycle like the Arathi one. I think the Horde control it first and Alliance are attacking.

(Laya) #4

Don’t be confused, Elf. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go to your happy place.

If you feel teeth sink into you, it’s just your imagination.


When Tides of Vengeance goes live, Darkshore will start in the hands of the Forsaken and the Horde—but it won’t be long before the Alliance makes its first strike.

We mentioned that in the preview that just went up today, is there something else that is causing confusion? Don’t want our messages to be getting crossed somewhere.

(Beezlebubba) #6

because broken shore brought us nothing. and you guys have only become worse.

(Barrison) #7

Oh, I’m sure it’ll be just a huge confusing mess just like Stromgarde was. We’ll figure it out after a month, I’m sure. Thanks for trying.

(Dæmonjesùs) #8

And after doing a bit of it in PTR just a minute ago, honestly… the first one seemed more engaging. And thats saying a lot.

(Rosenivy) #9

And I’m sure they’ll still find a way to cry about Horde bias with the warfront SOMEHOW

(Barrison) #10

Lol, it’s a warfront…

… Not even the Alliance gives a frack what happens during it. I’d AFK through it if that didn’t make it take longer.

(Dvis) #11

Now I’m confused on a couple of points. This first cycle, there will be no contributions stage? Your message says 120 levels completing the storyline with Tyrande will be able to queue for the DS Warfront. Also, you mention that the cycle has been shortened so both factions get in before Christmas holidays.

  • The shortened cycle is only for the first time around?
  • The Arathi cycle won’t change, so won’t this impact how the 2 warfronts cycle so there’s never a case where 1 faction has both and the other faction has neither?

Put another way:
As the Arathi cycle currently stands, this week Alliance is attacking, and next week Horde would begin to contribute. If Darkshore wasn’t shortened, that same week Alliance would begin contributing. So the following week, Horde would have Arathi instance, and Alliance would have Darkshore instance. Running in tandem, opposite factions. And every subsequent flip would give 1 faction a different warfront, assuming no other changes are made to the schedule.

  • With this shortened cycle for Darkshore, will the timing end up like above?
  • Or will it be skewed so that eventually 1 side gets both and the other gets nothing… because I think you know what that would lead to.

(Primalmatter) #12

I think what people are trying to say but not getting it across very well is that they would like to experience new content right away rather then be gated by a timer.

It is more them venting their frustration over having to wait for new content.

(Akston) #13

I am pretty sure each warfront will end up having their own timer, since they can be effected by rate of contribution.

(Amine) #14

The only gate for alliance is you have to do the questline first.

(Righteous) #15

Doesn’t matter how confused you are, if they didn’t fix the disconnect bug that occurs when confronting Nathanos during the lead-in quests, nobody s getting in anyway.
Haven’t logged in to the PTR today since the new build hit to see if that’s been corrected, but if it hasn’t, so much for “Alliance getting in first”.


The way the story is presented is 100% favourable for the Horde player.


I hope it’s account wide credit. Having to do it more than once would be bad.

(Nemiria) #18

I hope we don’t have to do it more than once. The story is so bad, if I had to do it on all my elves I’d form an aneurysm and then it would burst.

(Brewchicken) #19

And as per the continuous horde bias, Blizzard are shortening the switch around time so the horde can have it before Christmas. Not making this up.

Alliance had to wait for a MONTH at the beginning of the expansion, but they dare not do the same thing to the horde so they shorten it. Do we need more evidence at this point of horde bias or are we finally satisfied now?

(Weavefister) #20

Why is horde allowed to do the new warfront before the raid releases? Alliance were not permitted that same courtesy with Uldir…