So Survival is IGNORED again for 9.1

Marksman and Beast Mastery get to use a special bow with unique spell modifiers.

while Survival gets ignored because the part time intern assigned to work on survival doesn’t get paid enough or something or just straight up forgot.

Not a single change for the WORST performing spec in the game

Garbage company, unsubbed, cya


I’m not sure this is exactly an issue to unsub over, as survival performs remarkably well in Pvp, and may be on e of the best pvp classes imo. But you are correct, its complete BS. They havent been fixed in forever, and as Blizzard thinks they are better than their fanbase, we just have to cope with it.

Don’t use Castle Nathria to determine if you are viable or not. The entire raid is skewed towards classes with 1 to 2 minute chunky burst windows. Also if you look at fights like Heroic Huntsman and Stone legion Survival Hunter is among the top preforming specs for those fights due to there strong sustained stacked cleave damage.

If you think that that wowheads little class articles that use Castle Nathria to rank DPS performance are a realistic metric to determine what is viable or not in grand scheme my apologize but you are mistaken.

This is not to say both BM and survival do not need attention in some areas. Just keep in mind in Blizzard mind we are viable and not overpowered meaning we do not need attention. Expect legendary adjustments and possibly some talent tuning for less attractive talents. Beyond that it is unlikely Blizzard will spend much time on class balance.

Wierdly… Survival can still use the quiver (and so can guns… how wierd is that?)

Keep in mind, most classes don’t have any changes yet. It’s the first PTR build. I’m expecting stuff in the next build or two, so give it a week or two.

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Please stop with these posts when it’s the first week of a PTR with NO OFFICIAL CHANGES, which will be added to in the next probably 5 months until it actually launches.

It’s obnoxious


Honestly. Having one less whiner on the forums is probably more beneficial.

This is the first update from 9.1 and there’s guaranteed to be many more changes in the future.



Im happy for bow hunters, and that model was always sexy. I may dust off another spec just to use the bow for a little bit.

Is there an iconic polearm that SV hunters might want? I mean, they had to invent a weapon and a dude for Legion.

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Not off the top of my head that I can think of, unfortunately. Though they could probably make another if they want to. The Kyrians on particular seem pretty fond of spears anyway >_>.

Hunter viability, especially SV and BM, has steadily tanked since SL opened. Seeing that there are zero notes in the opening wave of patch notes for 9.1 leads me to think that nothing big is looming.

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I mean, it’s the first build and most classes weren’t changed at all. I genuinely think stuff is coming down the line in another build or two for most classes.

BM for PVP specifically actually has gone up though thankfully. Obviously still not good but it’s at least viable up to glad if nothing else.

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Just to let you know, blizz has a TOTAL of 2 devs working on ALL the classes.

Most of us go ignored while activision makes cash.

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I think its hilarious that people actually think they are going to get to Surv later in the PTR. Like they totally forgot that Blizzard literally released a whole expansion with the excuse of “ran out of time”.


Were you really expecting big changes though? Maybe they tweak some numbers in the coming weeks but I doubt SV Hunters will receive any significant change.

Tbh it is all it needs.

SV is fine numbers wise and scales pretty good with ilvl so I don’t see much outside of some Lego and conduit tuning coming.

BM scales incredibly well with ilvl and while they may get the same tuning here or there, I fully expect them to rise to the middle of the pack in 9.1 and further up as the expac goes on.

Honestly MM is the only spec that should be worried at this point. They scale pretty poorly historically and the opening tier of an expac is usually like a honeymoon phase and over just as quickly. Hopefully it doesn’t get left to lag behind for the rest of the expac once the new raid opens and everybody is back to playing BM again for the next 1.5 years.

Maybe i’m just old school, but hunter overall is definitely not fine. This is first expac of not playing hunter personally. Maybe the evolution of the class is better for a new community / generation of players, but I now see it as a class unfinished.

Survival is the spec that needed and needs most QoL and core changes to really give it a showing.

I hope they don’t run out of time yet again and leave this spec the way it is for more blizzard “preferred” classes. Mages and druids always initially looked at right away compared to hunters.

this, also im pretty sure the dev that made SV melee to begin with doesn’t work there anymore.


If you look at the best players for mythic huntsman BM is the second worst and survival is the 4th worst. If even if you look at average players in mythic huntsman BM is still the second worst and survival has climbed to the fifth worst. For SLG Survival is second best and BM isn’t terrible.
The only other fight survival is kind of decent at is council but that fight is pretty easy to pad numbers. After that survival isn’t in the top half for any fight and usually right near the bottom.

Survival on Mythic Stone Generals is just pure AOE pad on the commandos

there are portions of that fight where you have to withold AOE to prevent the skirmishers from phasing.

I’ve been progging on mythic Generals with 100+ pulls and I’ve tried both marksman and survival, and marksman is far more useful. Survival is worth if you can group more than 5 + adds together which can happen in bad overlaps, or speed parse runs at 6 min kills on the top logs in warcraft logs.

Survival is straight up useless and unviable for every other fight in Castle Narthia

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