So sad demo is back

Anyone else?



Nope…was so tired of playing destruction…zug zug dot dot zug zug fear zug zug bolt bolt…


Time to reroll Vulpera

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Yup, people still panic about tyrant but it doesn’t do anything but buff the other demons. Tyrant is hitting like a noodle.

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That’s because the optimal way to spec now doesn’t take any tyrant mods iirc

You literally just buff felguard damage

Can you spam pet attack? Gratz you can play demo this season


I like killing demo on both my SV and enhance. :slight_smile:

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Eh no, you get the tyrant mods just as before, but the reduced cd instead of dmg.

Less bursty but much more consistrnt snd harder to counter.

I’m just going off what my friend was telling me this past weekend brother I don’t play demo so I could be wrong

I trust him tho

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Such a boring AI spec to face.

Is like next to no counter to the damage anymore since its just buffing your pets and sit back and spam stun/fears/coil. Feels over-tuned damage wise(maybe that’s because you cant really counter their damage at all), similar to BM hunter.

Needs to be tuned.


Its literally a caster spec.

Kick the right thing and it can stop alot of damage.

Thats s big difference with bm.

You are wrong.

Optimal play as of now is going tyrant to put it on a 1 min cd.

You dont have to believe me, but all top locks are using that setup.chevk it out on pvp leaderboard

I’m having a really good time with it. Seems like being a “brain-dead melee” was a reality that was too hard for me to cope with. Now I’m a sophisticated caster with infinite IQ. I’m a complete menace of the 1600 bracket.

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Faced a bm demo team and even with minor pets toggled off my screen is all nameplates and I can’t even see where people are standing. Both of these specs need to go.


You wanna be demo so bad

Playing against bm hunter and demo locks is like playing l4d2 when a horde is coming, so much stuff happening on the screen you can’t help but just tough it out until its over.


complete bias because my spec does well into demo and demo is basically the only ranged spec my spec can play with

but i’m sure it’s going to get changed in a way that just makes boring destro the only played lock spec again for another 8 months in the next few weeks and i’m really not lookin forward to it

destro splay, destro rogue, destro magelock are all the most boring comps i can think of that aren’t ret/war
then if it’s overtuned enough you see complete degeneracy like destro/mm

no thx


Screw class/spec fantasy.

Just bake the additional power provided by imps & and any other non utility or CD based minions into the lock or single permanent minion.

Absolute eye cancer in arena.

Frankly, I think any situation where you are having more than 1 minion alongside you should be re evaluated and consolidated into the specs kit.


We talkin’ demo warlock? I thought originally I had been robbed. But, switching out 1 level of Malefic Burst for that weird spell which sacrifices imps for demonic core, and now planning things out right for Tyrant and Nether Portal has me in a good place.
Of course, if RNG’s bad, i’m stuck there, casting Shadowbolt for several seconds. Which is not a good feeling. Sure I top dmg meters most of the time, but i can’t help but yell at the screen!

I can outplay a bad BM hunter by root → binding stun → scare beast every bestial wrath go and they get no damage if they have poor pet management

I fight a 1700 demo lock who coils into interlope and presses axe toss off cd and he still gets damage off eventually and I have to not play the game for 20 seconds

oh and they’re laughably tanky