So... portals are getting removed

There is still a portal to Caverns of Time in Legion Dalaran in the Chamber of the Guardian.

replaced by portals…0 minute CD.
Ill keep the portals, thanks


heh…you dont farm much,do you?
Im all over the world when I play…so yeah…travel times matter to me more than someone running quests all day in BfA.
10 trips…x3 minutes…is how much?
And for 20 trips? 30?
That 3 minutes adds up.
Please STOP trying to excuse this crap.
Those missing portals didnt need removed.
Just like pathfinder this is yet another tantrum being tossed by blizzard.


I would like to know of this skull.

I farm quite a bit actually, and recently hit the 400 mounts acheivement. I know how much time is wasted playing this game. To me, the 3 minutes is not a big deal

classhall portals are only gonna be available if your on quest for em.

so basically anyone who did chain is already losing them.

incase u need proof theres blizz statement stating they are goign away unless you have quest needing em.

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so let me get this straight…youre actually going to WASTE your bag space for all that crap just to replace portals that shouldnt have been removed to begin with ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And somehow youre arguing that its not a problem and we should like it and keep paying our sub with a goofy grin?


heh…sure you do.
AGAIN…3 minutes TIMES TEN is what?
Yeah…that 3 minutes isnt telling the whole story here, now is it.
Try harder next time.


The items there total to 16 bag slots, and we can have up to 150 slots with the biggest bags. That is only 10% of your bag if you evne get all these items and have the big bags. I think the big ones cost around 8k at least on my server. There are also 30 slotters for 1k to 2k gold each. That is 120 extra slots

Thats what I said. Youre actually going to sit here and try to defend Blizzard forcing you to eat up bag space when those portals didnt NEED to be removed.
And the most hysterical part here is you are StILL PORTING to where you want to go. So YOUR world aint no smaller…youre just getting screwed on bag space for no good reason


What do you even have in your bags that makes bag space so valueble? 15 different weapons so you can glyph them to your demon pet?

Honestly friend, just stop. Youre not going to convince Anyone with this gag list and vainly trying to defend blizzards asinine decisions of late.


I’m not trying to convince anyone bro

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oh…I dont know…how about dozens of gear drops when I run raids that I need to take back and sort thru.
Lord, guy…please at least come up with some reasonable argument if youre going to do this.

…empty space?

to loot stuff?

so stuff has a place to go?

i mean…is it that hard to understand?


AND…as I told him…he is STILL PORTING around with the stuff on his list. His game may not change much, but now he’s stuffing his bags and thats EVEN IF a player has all that junk to begin with.

I thought Id seen all the absurdities possible on this topic.
I was wrong.

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Yes but what are you doing to loot hundreds of items at once? I have 56 slots free currently and i run old content all the time and never run into bag space issues, there is a vendor pet you can get from the guild vendor to vendor junk and free more space

heh…Not with the line of arguments youve provided here, for sure.


you my good sir/madam have never been a crafter who uses AH i assume?

Buying bulk stacks is a frequent thing. (also sellign crafetd stuff.)

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Well, the thing is, it’s not just 3 minutes. It’s 3 minutes x however many alts I would have done runs on if they could get there fast. And after a few times over the same route, I decide it’s just not worth my time and log out. So instead of playing for a couple of hours, I get frustrated and quit early. The next day, I remember what a pain it was and lose all incentive to even log on. Then I start wondering why I’m paying for the game at all.

It’s a snowball effect that Blizzard really shouldn’t be encouraging.