So NOW we can complain about changes that increase game time

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On behalf of all the players who feel the same way I do.

Stop forcing us to play your game longer, just give us more and exciting content.

You remove portals to make us play longer.

You give us scaling so we sit in outdoor content longer, and soon will be increasing the hard cap of scaling.

The old world FP’s have never been updated since they were put in, they still take twice as long as manually flying.

There is no flying until sometime in the year 2525.

There is absolutely nothing you can say or do that will justify these changes, it is an artificial way of increasing the amount of time we spend in game.

While we are at it, up the drop rate on your mounts. I have been here since Vanilla for 10 of the 14 years this game has been around, I have had 2, maybe 3 mounts drop for me and none for my wife across 5 accounts.

EDIT: And yes, there are probably 100’s of these posts, I have not read the forums properly since yesterday. The more who put their feedback in the more chances we have in being ignored.


Man that lot of salt here.


Should open a salt mine lol.

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This has nothing to do with anything.

You are just using the situation to vent your frustration that something hasn’t dropped for you.

It took me 8 years to get Ashes of Alar. I am still farming Invicible and Mimiron’s Head.

A low drop rate brings a sense of reward when you finally get it.

As far as the portal situation, that is another story.

It has something to do with the same problem they are putting on us, they are not changing anything from the old world and making the new world already longer to do things and just dragging out the content.

There is too much to do already if you want to collect stuff that there is no need to continually force us to stay here artificially longer than we already are.

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But it has nothing to do with the drop rate on mounts.

You wanna know why people get mounts more than other players? Because they go out of their way to farm them.

I farmed ZG for 4 months straight on 12 toons a day until I got both the raptor and panther.

It is about the time invested and finding a work around.

Just for some validity as to why this is a point as opposed to mount related, try this on an Alliance character:

Get from Ironforge to Alterac Mountains
Then, get from the Dalaran Crater portal in Dalaran to Alterac Mountains

Don’t know why people are so worked up about the CoT portal when that’s not the big issue. Getting to that whole north area for Alliance has always been an absolute pain

People nowadays just want that instant gratification. No one wants to put in the work anymore. Give everyone what they ask for and they will still find something to complain about.

Much like getting to the middle of Eastern Kingdoms on a non mage Horde. The FP from Twilight Highlands across is like an 8 minute flight, would be about the same from your smouldering tree over to Hyjal and the likes.

Who even says I haven’t put in time?

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you can buy a really cheap flying mount in your main capital city… Acess to a flying mount isn’t an issue… you just want a pretty one.

I have some 180 mounts currently, that is not the issue, it just seems people don’t quite understand the issue has nothing to really do with mounts, but more so they are removing content, admitting they are artificially making the world bigger and overall trying to do whatever they can to keep us playing the game for as long as possible and part of the reason players leave, it takes forever to get certain items to the point you are gone before you get them.

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Twilight Highlands portal and the Arathi portal when it is up is pretty close to the travel time from Dalaran crater. When going to farm Rivendare’s Charger.

Honestly though, is the Caverns of Time portal removal a really big deal? I timed my flight from Uldum and it was 54 seconds with 310 flying.

Twilight Highlands I’ll give you (I legit forgot that place existed), but Arathi’s not always there to use and who even knows what they’re going to do next expansion

Its still a longer increase than the CoT increase I think, which is why its the one I’m more focused on being a pain

Try and understand exactly what I am saying in my post: They are artificially increasing play time by making things take longer to do.

They are finding any way they can to simply make us stay longer and therefore less time to do what we actually want to do.

Like increasing scaling and trying to farm Blood Trolls for cloth and the mount. Right now you have a low % to get it, but by making the enemies take longer to die means the drop rate is the same, but the amount of time you spend trying to get it goes up.

The same when they done the last stat squish, I legit could not kill one of the bosses in ICC, Festergut, on 25H. Before the squish it was a few hits and dead, after I constantly ran into the hard timer until I got more gear.


I mean if you wanna get in a tissy over an extra 54 seconds of travel time, go for it.

Travel from Dalaran Crater to the first Arathi rare that can drop a mount is 1:22, From Twilight Highlands to the closest rare that can drop a mount is 1:47.

I guess I just don’t see the issue of a extra minute or less.

Scaling changes makes sense. The numbers were getting way too high. The time of kill was just a by product of fixing numbers.

A point in Blizzard’s favor though, they have reduced travel time for leveling due to scaling. Where as before you would have to move on to the next zone to continue, you now can stay.

I feel like if Blizzard was really out to get us, they would make allied races start at level 1 rather than 20.

It is the principle of the matter. Have this attitude now and think it is fine, but in the future when they come up with something like;

Expac 10:
“A meteorite has hit Azeroth, a new land mass has formed, but with this hit the atmosphere has changed and creatures can no longer fly.”
“Goblins have found a way to make their rockets fly, but only for a limited period of time.”

And than we will be stuck on the ground forever until 10.1 where only FP’s work. Yes it is theoretical, but looking at how long we have to wait for flying now and how many players left due to it, what makes you think they won’t continually push the boundaries one bit at a a time? One minute here, one minute there until we have an additional 5 minutes to get from Orgrimmar to CoT, but since it took years to get there no one would really care.

What happens if they remove mage portals? “Magic has changed forever, magic that we used to know is no longer possible due to …, long distance travel is now not possible.”

Yes all theoretical, but who knows what is to come that will artificially increase play time.

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It won’t add nothing to my game time though. It will probably decrease it because next week Raiding with Leases starts and I will not go back and forth. Instead I will park my characters at the Shrine in MoP and I will ignore BfA content totally until I get the pets I want.

Normally I would take them back and forth since the Shrine portal was convenient enough but going to Jade Forest and then all the way to HoF each week is more than I want to do.


A few extra minutes is nothing to throw a fit over. Seriously it isn’t. It does not take long to get to any location where you previously would have used a portal, especially since some portals aren’t going anywhere.

Players can’t use the Uldum portal below level 80, and Caverns of Time is level 60 content. That content is leveling content for those expansions, and going back and forth repeatedly between Shattrath, Dalaran (Northrend), and Caverns of Time is a huge amount of travel with all of the portals removed.


People have different tolerances for these things. I kept forgetting about the Dalaran crater portal so I just didn’t bother with doing that Christmas event at all it was too far to travel daily.