So mutt finally got real nerfs, as did disc

what’s next on the list, lads? we last left off complaining about ele, but destro is around now. people also discovered how silly mage is too! then we have warrior casually hitting 150k mortal strikes and they still have spear

perhaps we continue on the mutt train because maybe it’s not enough!


Good thing I already fotm changed to ret!! Bring on the buffs!


You must teach me the ways I do not know how to hit these.


although now fotm rogues’ll just go subtlety and continue to rule pvp with 3x the toolkit of anyone else.


Not enough tbh. Disc coulda used 2 - 3 more nerfs. It’s that overpowered.


Is there a website that shows statistics from ACTIVE players?
Because if you check stat sites like PvPleaderboard, you have all those inactive parked specs up there.

I would like to have a stat site with active plays.
From the last week or so.

Stack crit and use every modifier you’ve got and hit anyone. Easy 150k mortal strike.

did they really though?

Not sure, but every warrior I play knows how.

In my opinion, it is clear that they may not be proficient in math :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Let’s simply consider the PvP ability as S, and the attack and defense skills in PvP as A and B, respectively. Therefore, S = A + B. Although B, the assassination ability, is currently very strong, it is widely acknowledged among PvP players that assa rogue defense is the most vulnerable of all professions. This is because assa rogues lack high self-healing abilities, and their evasion is on a two-minute cooldown, meaning that even when it is available, they can still die frequently. The cloak is also often used at the same time as evasion, and it has a two-minute cooldown as well. Hence, the rogue’s advantage lies in its damage output. When compared to other professions in PvP, although the rogue’s A score is very low, its exceptional B score makes its total score above average.

The problem is that they have been focusing only on PvE or looking at only one aspect of the game. If they deliberately adjust B to an acceptable average value for everyone, please tell me, if A is the lowest among all professions, will S be the same as other professions? Or will it be the lowest class? I hope their game engineers can consider the issue comprehensively, rather than merely focusing on what is powerful and constantly modifying it without making a comprehensive assessment. Object-oriented programming should focus on the object as a whole, rather than just one aspect.

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destro, sub, and ele are the biggest outliers that i cannot believe haven’t been touched

spriest purge is something that SHOULD be changed in someway but probably won’t be


interesting part about the whole spriest purge thing is it only started to become a problem after we lost a majority of our instant damage and went back to a state where purging was more worth while than our fillers.

ele and enh cost 10% of their mana, vs spriests 8%. spriest overall uses a ton of mana in general with everything else they got too.

and whats the difference in mana regen in pvp too? that’s also a factor.

my general question is whether or not the cost of spriest purge is the problem vs the design. i have a strong suspicion that if they nerf ele proc rare like they did to spriest, they too will become purge bots.

I’m not familiar with Disc, so I can’t tell if these nerfs are enough.

Their CDs still aren’t affected by dampening. That’s a pretty big advantage in RSS.

Probably just tweak ascend proc to not hit everybody on the enemy team for 200k.

It’s something like a 14-15% damage nerf. CDs are still super potent.

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It’s not Mutt, it’s Butt Rogue, get it right!

I don’t really think the Sin rogue nerfs will do much, it’s their consistent damage that makes them broken. In tournaments you can see it’s the “threat” of them having Deathmark that scares people, not necessarily them using it.

20% off Deathmark is just meh… considering a ton of people are already playing Dark Iron to counter it anyway.

Bleed damage needed to come down a bit to actually balance them out.


Most people are playing bleed anyways

arms, ele, sub, warlock next plz


What sucks is all the assa rogues are going to find the latest palumor castsequence macro and switch over to this. Then it’s going to take another month or 2 before it’s even on the devs radar.


Is the garrote “fix” a buff or a nerf?