So many server shutdowns this week

someone mentiond halftime… who’s performing? lady lala?


Using common sense would keep someone from blowing issues out of proportion and saying he can’t play “half the time”. Given the two scenarios here: That OP really meant he only got to play half of his personal gaming time, or that OP has blown things out of proportion, which is more likely? I’ve been on the internet long enough to know gross hyperbole is rampant. OP was making a big deal out of a small deal. Can’t for the life of me understand why you rung your own bell to come to his defense.


Watch out, a piece of falling sky is about to hit you in the head.


I mean, yea he overexaggerates the “1/2” time thing - but come on you yahoo’s get his point. For Blizzard to say “… for scheduled maintenance…” I mean, the only ‘scheduled’ maintenance is Tuesday. These feel like “Oh S&*%! We need to bring the servers down to fix something now! Can’t wait till ‘scheduled’ Tuesday maintenance”


Sounds like the shutdown is something you need. Been down 2 hours this week half would be an hour. So 1 hour of game time you haven’t play. It’s summer get some fresh air lad.

:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: 10 char

So an hour?

I feel your frustration with not being able to play, but it’s relatively short and easy to do something else for an hour or two. This is only the second shutdown afaik, so just go watch a show on Netflix or play another game til it’s back up :slight_smile:

Was enough time for me to get 60.

You will be glad they did come tuesday

limited window is not their fault obviously. What is their fault is that these servers clearly cannot handle the load, hence maintenance 5 times a week. And it’s not just maintenance, there’s literally a que EVERY night, sometimes over an hour. So perhaps the op works mid day shifts, whereas he can’t play in the morning if there’s maintenance, and goes to log in at night and sees a que. I still love classic but it is a bit absurd, especially if you have characters on 2 accts. Spend 45 mins logging into your dps, just to be asked if you can heal, nope, there’s a que buddy. You’ll see how bad it is next week when the ques are 4 hours long and they do server resets several times a day to fix it. IT’s obvious after a decade and a half that Blizz has terrible servers, almost as bad as Ubisoft, so yes it is their fault if some people get to play very little. As much as they make, they should have the best servers you can possibly get.

Her posts are often emotional rants. After all, she has two different posts on the TBC forums where she has already stated she has quit the game over disagreements she has had with decisions from Activision Blizzard.

She obviously has not quit, so I would take her posts with a grain of salt. She has shown she is quite prone to exaggeration and hyperbole after all. :slight_smile:



I started playing after I quit for a year, exactly the day that they removed the caps btw.

They have lives that are disrupted by server shut downs that start at 8-10 am depending on time zone in the USA?

how’s that boot taste?

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This forum is full of hyperspecific Semantic Andys.

“ACHSYULLAY they were not down half the time.”

do you play 2 hours a day and 1 of those 2 hours is between 7-8am?

half the time servers gone? that’s not true… only one hour early in the day lol. I’m usually asleep then except today barely, but I’ve been grinding the heck out of this game

Huh? I am not following you there bud. Do you somehow feel the OP feelings were proven justified?

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