So how about those Monday notes?

hes mad because he was 2200 in rbgs in mop (like every other person on the planet)
and they won’t give him the red enchant because when they readded it to the vendor it required duelist which was 3s/5s only

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rbgs definitely did pop off though in mop


You’re just wrong there. The problem is that they were also given for RBGs in 7.3.
Duelist and Hero were not set achievements, whereas 2200 in any bracket was.
Hundreds of players were left without their originally hard-earned rewards,
while some people who NEVER had them got them for free.

This issue literally ONLY existed for MoP S12-15, and the fix was incomplete.

Rbgs are what got me into rated pvp. I used to be a prot warr fc but they nerfed prot warr into the dirt so I rerolled hpal.

Damn I never got 2200 in mop in any bracket but blizzard still gave me the red enchant because of season 14 2k duelist lmao

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Any changes yet I’m dying here

Bro its like 3 am for you go to bed

if you’re talking about duelist afaik it was 8.1 with the release of BFA

they have no way to determine who was 2200 at the time is the issue

duelist was the closest benchmark

it was better than no fix


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Wep enchants in mop and wod weren’t 2.2 where they?

Pretty sure the MoP ones were 2.2k, I remember helping a friend get his in the last few weeks of either the last or second to last mop season, I was 2194 and said “meh I’ll get a cool enchant next time I play” and quit the game, by the time I came back they stopped making nice enchants.

He still uses it to this day, just to spite me.

Only due to shear laziness, lack of care about the players, or both.

If wod one was 2.2k I’m kinda dumb, think it was 2.4 from what I can remember tho

What are you new?

No, I’ve been hammering at this issue to the best of my ability over the past decade to no avail.
I even had screenshots in my first few tickets, from other players’ videos proving I had the rewards kekw
But you’re right, lack of care about PvP in here isn’t a new issue at all. Why are we still here then?

I feel like all of your angst in this thread stems from the fact that someone told you you’re not good and your reply is basically that you were good at one point a decade ago and, ten years later, you still haven’t gotten over an enchant.

I could be misremembering, I know he specifically wanted 2.2k so assumed it was enchant.

Bloody Dancing Steel was 2200, yeah.

It was 2400 for both.

You’re absolutely right. But even if you think my position isn’t justified,
just remember - I may be a vocal user, attached to this game… but what about all those who quit after being done over by a terrible system, or being called bad by some elitist after an arena match? You’re making me wonder why I’m still spending time and money here lmao. Thank you, I guess?

Because you’re a wow enjoyer?

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