So, extra character slots, yes or no? Panda Remix

Yeah I never said it was cheap. But if someone really doesn’t want to delete a character, it’s an option.

From what I’ve heard, you can use teleports/hearthstones that take you out of Pandaria areas, but you’ll be teleported back to Pandaria within a few seconds – not enough time to, say, engage War Mode if you’ve ported to SW/Orgrimmar, or try to duck into Black Temple if you use the BT port toy.

EDIT: …though that may have changed since people started posting about doing that for experimentation purposes on reddit…

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Nope. Gives an error message saying Timerunners can’t leave Pandaria.

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Does anyone know if the Raids will be LFR?

Perhaps if we keep bringing your post to the top of the forums it may gain momentum. We can hope for an answer?

More slots or no Remix.


You ain’t lying! I will be in big trouble.


Wowhead made an article bringing attention to the alteration of the initial announcement involving more character slots, though nothing new was really posted in it that I noticed and it has some speculation instead of anything concrete:

Things could still change, so who knows what is going on and what the initial intention was. Still hoping for a chance to get more character slots. Especially if we’re to have more events in the future like MoP Remix. :crossed_fingers:

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At worst you can always create throw away characters on another popular realm to get all the sets and rewards if you don’t really plan on using said characters afterwards! It’s not ideal but at the very least plausible if you have max characters.

Yep, they noticed it about 4 days after I did… :sunglasses:

Can be done on one character.

I’m not so sure this would work. Based on my understanding, if you’re at cap you can’t create a new event toon either.

They havent said that. Until they clarify the character creation conditions in more detail, we don’t know how it will work.

I thought you had to buy certain sets on different classes - or do you have to send it to an alt to consume after the fact?

The class set items say Use: Collect the appearances of this armor set. Appearances only usable by a [class].
So, I think you can buy and collect the transmog on any class, even if you can only use the transmog on the appropriate class.


According to wowhead:

The only sets currently with requirements are the class ensembles and arsenals. Those resemble the Trading Post sets that were available in late 2023 at the Trading Post but now feature new colors. The class ensemble requires you to complete “Landfall” with any character to unlock the ability to purchase them all at 4000 bronze each, and the class arsenals require “Isle of Thunder” to purchase them all at 3000 bronze each.

Any character can buy every ensemble once you unlock it. They aren’t class-locked to buy, just to use.

My only takeaway from this is “People really watch other people read patch notes?” You can really get paid to do anything if you know your market.

I sometimes feel like that. I tend to do more searching on wowhead as a Guide in the game, but this place is a close second. :sunglasses: