So, extra character slots, yes or no? Panda Remix

I don’t understand what this means.

Making a character for Pandamonium works just the same as making a new character right now. There is no difference, except choosing that it’s for Pandamonium.

Most likely not.

Ok but my post related to whether or not they were giving us extra character slots, since two blue posts had different info on that.

So if, say, I had no spare slots left, tht would mean I’d have to delete one or more characters to use any from the Remix. So, you said:

and I said basically, that sounds odd. :sunglasses:

My theory (which could be entirely wrong) is that if you have 60 characters and click on Pandamonium to start a new character, it’ll let you. But if you try to make a normal character for retail, it won’t. An exception to lockout.

Since they said that Dracthyr have to be mindful of having another Dracthyr on the server, but never said we all had to be mindful of how many characters we have… that’s why it lead me to that theory. Which, again, could be wrong.

It would be amazing if they would give us a confirmation on increased character slots. Not just for the new events but for the next expansion. It would make a difference to me to level a few more characters to cap. I have some in limbo as I’m scared I may have to delete to be able to create the announced next races. PRETTY PLEASE give some insights!


Reading this thread makes me happy because I always thought I was insane for how many characters I have and still want more lmao

I’m glad I’m not alone :relieved:


A thought occurred to me: Is this event going to be before the system is implemented where any class can get transmogs of any armor type?

If not, that means we would need at least 4 characters in order to collect transmogs of each class armor type and weapon types available.

The issue here is that with the current cap of 60, assuming MoP Remix slots are not their own slots and will count to the 60, those of us who are at or near cap wouldn’t be able to have a character of each armor type to collect transmogs unless we delete characters, which is something I really don’t want to do.

As I said before, it’s frustrating to see this being advertised as “Don’t worry! You’ll get more slots for your MoP Remix characters so they can journey on Retail WoW for TWW!” at first, only to suddenly see that text gone without a word.

I can’t even tell from the wording if you’ll be able to make multiple characters in this mode or not either. Thus my frustration and worry, as I want to be able to make at least 1 character for this mode and if possible, keep any characters I make for it.

I saw a blue respond to some questions about MoP Remix on the Community Council, though no character slot questions have been asked that I noticed:

I’m hoping someone will ask about the character slots confusion on there and that we’ll get some clarification soon, as we shouldn’t need to worry about character slots for events like these. Moreso when it was initially advertised as us being able to be given some more, which would be very helpful for those of us at or near the cap.

Hoping we will get more character slots, of course. :crossed_fingers:

:meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Not only do you need 4 for the armor types, there are also datamined sets for each class as well.

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Transmog unlock account wide isn’t until War Within.

Not necessarily. We need to see what’s BoA. Because once those characters are added to retail, if it’s all BoA, you can send it to who can unlock it.

But again, all of those ensembles may be BoA.

Edit to add: according to the PTR, all ensembles can be learned by one character to unlock account wide, regardless of class or armor type.

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True, although the datamined sets I saw mentioned specifically were tied to achievements, such as doing all of the quests in a given zone.

Since I was almost about to hit reply when your edit came through:
I hope that applies to the achievement-earned ones as well.

I’m going to assume that it does. Achievement unlocks with those type of collection rewards are always account wide.

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I 100% need extra slots if these count towards the 60. I just went to a whole ordeal to make space for an Earthen.

To those of you who are gonna come in here and say:

“How can you actively play 60 characters?!”
“Surely they’re not all high level”
“Some of them must just be mules for extra loot, right?”
“Why are you asking for something that will only affect 0.1% of players?”

We get it. This topic is not for you, it’s for all of us who filled the 60 slots 10 days after they increased them from 50 with actual characters that we like to play regularly.


I have 15 wow retail characters. 6 or 7 at 70. Lagging way behind lol. Did they not just increase the account character limit to 60?

Not your gnomies, that’s for sure.

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You can get 60 more character slots if you create another account and link it to your existing account!

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I think I did that already? I have wow1 and wow2 :thinking:

Still room for wow3 account then. :smiley:

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I just add it and get the slots? No need to add a character to it?

I’m not exactly sure how the account linking works. In the past you had to create another account with its own subscription and request Blizzard link it to your existing account. It might be automated in some way now.

Ah okay, I’ll try and figure it out, thank you :blush:

You gotta pay the sub and buy new expansions on the second account too though, not really the same as getting a few extra slots.