So, extra character slots, yes or no? Panda Remix

I was watching Soul’s readthrough of the new release on the upcoming event. At the section titled “Creating Your New Adentity” it said (and he read it out):

“Additional character slots will be available so that you have room for your new fully levelled and fully geared hero to join you in your continuing adventures etc…”

However, if you look at the post as linked now, that sentence is missing from the post.

The video is here:

INSANE Leveling, Gear, Powers And Rewards! Pandamonium Explained - Dragonflight 10.2.7 - YouTube
The timestamp is around 4 minutes.

Would be good to know from a blue if this change is deliberate?


If we don’t get more character slots I might cry :dracthyr_cry_animated: I wanna make new characters but I’m at max lmao


Well if it was deliberate change, that means any you create during the event cannot be saved in the live game.

That has to be an error, right?


that would be quite sad if it’s true D: I get attached to my characters, would hate to create one only for it to get deleted.


I…feel this. I have two accounts, the main one is maxxed out, and the second one is getting close.


Just make character cap 100 plz Blizz! Some of us have problems and we can’t stop!


I like your idea of increasing the character slots! That would get me to play this new mode more. Un-remove the sentence :smiley:

I love making characters!! And then keeping them! Yes I am a hoarder and I admit it so don’t @ me lol


I fixed it :dracthyr_lulmao: Man, I really do have a problem, huh…


All I’m saying is when pallies shammies and eventually druids are opened up to all races… Ugh, I’m have to do some shuffling around, unless we get more character slots!


Oh my little goodness, I don’t have any gnomes of those classes and I will want gnomes of those classes! Who do I sacrifice?? /cry


Same here. I want a druid for every race if they keep each one unique :smiley: I would also like a human self insert for all my favorite classes if they open those up along with story characters.


The very first announcement said additional character slots.

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Indeed, which is the point of my post.


I already needed a cap increase for the upcoming all races all classes to be finalized. I was so hyped for this experience because of the cap bump, I planned to do one of every class (assuming I’d only have to delete maybe 2-4 alts max to fit them all in) but that’s just too many alts to cull from my army for this event, which can then not be played in Retail until TWW. When you have raids to farm and gold to earn, you need some alts to stay in Retail lol.


If they want some of us to play it, they’ll have to. I have 60 characters and they are all 60+. I am not deleting a single one.


Gonna post what I posted in the announcement thread, since I’m concerned of potentially being locked out of this mode because I’m almost at the character slot cap on Retail:

I’m hoping Blizzard didn’t change their mind on adding more character slots.

I’m very close to the character cap and don’t really have any spare slots for this event. I don’t want to delete anyone, and when I saw that more slots were potentially going to be added, I was excited as it meant I could try the event, keep characters from it, and potentially have extra character slots to utilize for future new characters.

Now I see the mention of new character slots was deleted, which is worrying me. I’m really hoping they’ll add more character slots as before. Otherwise, it’s a very frustrating thing to see dangled before me, only to be snatched away and possibly making me unable to try out this event.

Hoping they change their mind and add in some more character slots on Retail for this event. :crossed_fingers:

:meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


I agree with all of this 1000%. I haven’t made like 8 or 9 characters because I’m almost at cap and can only make 2 or 3 more now. Each character I have made is unique and specifically made for a reason and I have memories on. I can’t delete any one of my babies. :sob:

I’d be willing to compromise for a 70 limit character cap, especially with warbands coming and tmog farming getting substantially easier.


It would probably mean that you wouldn’t be able to create Remix characters if you have no free character slots. It’s looking like they initially planned to increase character slots but cancelled/delayed said plans, so I’m going to assume that you will need free character slots and that there won’t be an increase in character slots anytime soon.

I really think increases to the character slots should be done whenever they do stuff like this Remix event or when they add new races or classes, though, at least when it’s possible to do so. Zenimax Online adds character slots to Elder Scrolls Online whenever they add new classes.


My theory is that it’s not giving extra character slots, but if you’re over the limit, that Pandamonium character won’t count towards that and still be added.

I dont see how that can work. They’ve said that you will be able to play the characters beyond the event so what…do they have some odd extra list of potentially dozens of extra characters somehow?

Another thought occurred to me - can you use a hearthstone or teleport spell outside of the MoP zones?